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MetaGamerScore - About/FAQ
What's the point of the site? Our goal is to create a greater sense of purpose for gaming. By combining the achievement systems of as many platforms as we can, we aim to make sure that everything you do in any game counts towards a total, persistent metascore.

Will I have to give away my passwords? No. MetaGamerScore will NEVER ask for your passwords. We only collect data that can be accessed without your gaming passwords.

What top lists do you have? We are constantly adding new types of top lists. You can view some examples here; Global, Nations and Completist. We also have top lists for specific games, and in your friend network. The goal is to make sure you can see how you are ranked in categories that are important to you.

How do I get started? Register on the site! Then add some providers on the My Accounts page. We currently support Steam, World of Warcraft, Playstation Network, Xbox Live, StarCraft II, theHunter, SealHunter, Final Fantasy XIV, QuakeLive and Kongregate.

What will be available? MetaGamerScore is currently looking into adding support for BattleLog, OpenFeint, Diablo III, FairGrounds and others. The site is being actively developed, so exactly what will be developed depends most on what the users want. If you have a favorite game that has achievements that can be accessed from the internet - drop us a line via email because we want it in here!

I like the concept - How can I help?
  • First of all: Spread the word!
  • You can donate to help us pay for the servers
  • If you have mad web development skillz, you could contribute in the development team. is not open source, but send us an email and maybe we can work something out!

Who decides the value of a game? We don't decide the values of the games and achievements. They are automatically adjusted by popularity and rarity. The exact formula is fantastic and secret! =)

Who created the site? You can see who we are on the creators page.

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