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Forums -> Site related -> Potential platforms -> Minecraft Hypixel server Achievement Tracking a optioni
Topic: Minecraft Hypixel server Achievement Tracking a optioni
| +2 |
hey meta crew!

just found that the minecraft server hypixel has achievements and I did abit of digging around and found that there is actually a public api that is used!

would there be a possibly that this could be added to the platform list?
| +2 |
This would be actually amazing, I used to do a Lot of achievements on this game and it was really fun. It's also a platform I was kinda dissappointed that there were no achievements for it here. Adding it would be a very pro gamer move.
| 0 |
I also collect Hypixel server achievement, it would be cool to have them on MetaGamerScore, my hypixel profile is:
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