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Forums -> General Forums -> Games Discussions -> Best game for achievements released 2022
Topic: Best game for achievements released 2022
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If you've played any game with exceptionally good achievements this year, then please nominate it for the "Best Game for Achievements 2022 Award".

More information here:

Write your nomination(s) and motivation in this thread!
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As a cat owner I was excited for this game. It is an adventure game with typical cat behavior mixed into it (like knocking stuff down, sleeping and talking). It has a story set in the future with 16 hour clocks, all-eating zurks, robots and a memory of the "Outside". Soundtrack also nice.

It does get a bit difficult at times (avoiding the zurks) but shouldn't be too bad. You get achievements fairly often, some easy (like meowing 100 times), some hard (speedrun) and some just sleepy/grindy (like sleep for one hour). A bit of everything.

Haven't finished it yet so I can't spoil more for you.
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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors appeared out of nowhere and took over the dopamine receptors of many gamers. Not only it brought a fresh new take on the action rogue-like but also delivered a wide and fulfilling achievement list that become a source of addiction for even the usually non-achievement hunting part of the gamer community.


God of War: Ragnarok

The God of War himself returned this year to partake in the battle against fate in the dawn of the Ragnarok and just like in its previous installment including a trophy list bringing a perfect balance between the achievements challenging and cathartic as a cherry on top of an absolute masterpiece in both fields of brilliant story-telling and outstanding gameplay.


I'll let someone else nominate Elden Ring :)
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PowerWash Simulator

There are many stressors in life - bills, work, existence itself - and just like dirt and grime, these stressors can be washed away through the soothing gameplay of PowerWash Simulator. Like many of the best games of this year, it surprised and delighted players with a steady stream of satisfaction. Whether it was a "ding" from cleaning off a section of a pensioner's home, or from seeing a little box pop up in the corner of the screen for an achievement, PowerWash Simulator never failed to stimulate gamers' dopamine receptors.

I would also like to nominate Vampire Survivors

With 159 achievements and a surprisingly deep set of mechanics, I will honestly be shocked if Vampire Survivors does not walk away with a host of awards this year, including the Best Game for Achievements 2022. It is the feeling of "just one more go" encapsulated.
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Thank you winKoneR for leaving the Elden Ring opportunity open =)


I don't usually play the newest games, but I was really looking for this one, even though I had never played a souls-game before, and it really lives up to meet my expectations (except for the horrible controls and camera).

The world is stunning and enticing to explore, and regarding achievements, this is a game that has only the meaningful ones: mostly for killing bosses or acquiring legendary items. There are no trivial or dumb achievements, like get drowned in a river etc..

I am having a blast! (even though I've killed my first achievement boss only after 18 hours in the game ;)
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Who Knocks

It is easy achievements, everyone should be able to do it. Also good genre
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I will nominate Railgrade

Railgrade is a casual game about building railways on an remote planet. The game feels very polished. It has some humorous narrative and pretty well balanced difficulty. The achievements is a good mix of standard achievements, and then a bunch of achievements that you absolutely need to play specifically to earn. This makes them similar to special missions, except you get to choose which map you want to complete them in.
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Babbdi was a fun little free game that is aimed at speedrunners, but possible to achieve the achievements even if you're not. It's an exploration game, and the game feels suprisingly big when you start it.
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How about any of the recent trophy games that involve clicking 10000 time etc.
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(English is not my main language so I might write some misspellings)

The game I enjoyed getting 100% the most was DEPO

DEPO it's a free 3D platformer game and at first sight it looks like a very simple game, but the more you play it and look at details of the story you can appreciate a very well made game with fun mechanics, secrets, challenges, touching stories and multiple endings that, even if it isn't necessary to complete all of that to get 100% achievements, it got me playing until the very end.

The developer (just one guy) really cares about the game and until this day it keeps adding more content for free. When he posted an event months later about speedrunning the game in any%, I joined and I discovered a lot of strats to get to the end the fastest way possible. The three fastest times got an statue in a section of the game, I was the fastest for a while until a friend of mine beated my time. It was the first time I was part of something like that, and me being a achievement hunter I never thought doing that even I got all the achievements way before.

I truly recommend this game, even if you have never heard of it before, and I hope that you like it as much as I do :)
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Nominations are now closed; head over to to vote!
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