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Forums -> Site related -> Potential platforms -> [INVESTIGATING] Diablo 3 - Category 2
Topic: [INVESTIGATING] Diablo 3 - Category 2
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WoW and Stacraft are on here so not sure why Diablo isn't?
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It is not possible in the same way. You would need a downloadable tool kinda like the wowhead client to extract the information and upload it. I wonder why, but Blizzard just didn't create a website with information about your achievements like they did with Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft. But as long as it or a fan page like wowhead especially for Diablo doesn't exist, it just is a bad situation. I don't know if the staff or someone else would work on or at least accept a tool for it, though. I also don't know if that could maybe interfere with Blizzards policy of forbidden programmes and maybe result in a ban.
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Revived here.

I found an API for Diablo 3.

We would need an account to test with.

If anyone would like to help out, you could provide your:

  1. Region

  2. Accountname ("BattleTag")

  3. HeroID

With these, we can test the API of what it can give us and how we can continue forward with adding support for Diablo 3. I suspect that has more API's for their other titles, so if you would be interested in those, please let us know by either responding to the relevant post here in "Potential Platforms" or make a new post if you couldn't find anyone who have asked for it.
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I can provide this information, but I am not sure why you need a heroID or even how to get it, unless its is just like between 0 and number of characters. Achievements should be Account based as there are "cross-class" achievements that require multiple characters. Anyway, from the US my account is Buddwaur#1436. Let me know how I can help out more for this.
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