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Forums -> Site related -> Archive: Cheaters -> User #2774 [ Deleted ]
Topic: User #2774 [ Deleted ]
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PayDay 2 - All timestamped 2017-01-14 20:14

AI War: Fleet Command - All timestamped 2016-12-10 06:19

Team Fortress 2 - All timestamped 2016-11-05 01:24

And so on for every single game on their most valuable list
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This looks really weird since those are steam games. Unless they are possible to play offline and then when you come online the achievements pop, but i doubt he played 100s of hours offline in payday 2 because it's an MP game.
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Deleted the steam account.
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May I ask what is the difference between deleted and banned?
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I think deleted just means if a specific platform associated with a user has suspicious activity then that platform will be deleted from their account but other ones (PSN, in this example) will stay there, whereas bans are for accounts with only one associated platform or where multiple platforms are cheated.
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Banned is that I take the effort to add the steamaccount that the user has added to the list of banned steamaccounts. So, if the same or a new members tries to add that steamaccount, it would pop up a note that it is banned and that the ban can be refuted in the accusing thread. Then I also delete the steamaccount so all earned achievements disappear.

For this account however; I forgot to write up the steaminfo before deleting the steamaccount, and since the player had not logged in since 2015, I figured there was no point to do much more. Also, I don't think it was a super-clear case from the time I spent investigating it, which would have prompted me to - in order to warrant a ban - actually send a mail first.

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