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Forums -> Site related -> Suggestions -> Removing achievements
Topic: Removing achievements
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A while back I removed some achievements that I obtained nonlegitly (mainly tf2 and some clicker games) and this is the only site that hasn't registered that. Even if I manually rescan a game where I've removed achievements, it doesn't see that I have removed them. I don't know if this is just a bug or a missing feature, but it would be great if achievements could be removed either automatically or manually.
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This could be useful as often games malfunction in RA especially and random ones unlock.
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I had missed this post, so it was great that mentifis bumped it!

First of all - thanks for coming clean!

Second; yes - metagamerscore handles it a bit different due to attempting to be super-persistent.

There are two scenarios I want to support:
- if the developers of a game remove achievements, you should be allowed to have them
- if a certain platform bugs out and displays you have no achievements, or completely forgets that you have achievements (happens), you should not loose your achievements on metagamerscore.

I do think that being able to manually remove achievements (and games) would make sense. Then they would be automatically added to your profile again if the provider still claims you have them on the next scan.
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In the meantime - you can wipe those games if you reconnect your steam account. If you go into and change the field to blank and press save. Then you wait 5 minutes, go back there and re-add it.

All your steam achievements and games will be gone and will be re-scanned. This hogs a bit of the performance on the scanner, so it's not recommended that you do this regularly -- also, you will loose any achievements that were kept around due to the "super-persistence" mentioned above so if you have any of those you might want to wait for me to add the delete-game/achievement support.

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Hi there,

Just wondering if there is a way to delete certain games from the account - such as Paladins and Smite. Both games I played for a short time but really did not enjoy. I am a completionist and won't ever want to complete those free games. Is there a function to delete them from this website bar rescanning all steam games after deleting said games from steam account?

Thanks! Love the site btw!
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If you delete (!) games from steam, then after rescanning it won't show up anymore.

The other thing is to "hide" the games, by hitting "hide" in the games tab.
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I can also delete them for reals (this function is currently not exposed to every player, just moderators). But if Steam says you have them, they will come back. So make sure they are properly deleted there first, and I can do the mgs-delete.
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