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Forums -> Site related -> Suggestions -> Meta Achievements for Game Lists
Topic: Meta Achievements for Game Lists
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TL;DR at the bottom.

There is a website that I use for listing every movie that I have seen, called icheckmovies. One of the features on this website that keeps me coming back is that there are 'certified movie lists'; where, if you have seen the majority of films in that list, you will receive a trophy. For example, one of the lists is "Top 50 Horror Movies" (from IMDB). So, if you have seen at least 25 of the films in this list, you will receive a bronze trophy. If you watch more films in the list you will receive silver and then gold trophies.

So there could be something similar here, say "Top 5 Indie Platformers" or Metagamerscore's "Community Selected Horror Games", etc. Then, if you were to get say 50% of the combined achievement value of all the games in the list, you would receive a bronze meta achievement for that list. This is just an example, so there could be alternative ways to determine what qualifies someone for a meta achievement.

I think this would give some more flavor to the website and also encourage people to check out some other games they might not have played. In addition, it could encourage people to participate more in the community through voting for Metagamerscore games lists.

On the negative side, it could detract to much attention away from the primary focus of the website, the metascore. But in the end, it is for fun anyways.

What do you guys think?

TL;DR: Add certified game lists that award meta achievements for completing a percentage of achievements from said game list.
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I think it sounds look a good idea. A feature I started implementing (but then started doing other stuff) - is to be able to rate games. This could potentially be combined so that the lists are automatically generated & curated from the top-rated games on the site.
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