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Forums -> Site related -> Suggestions -> "All Games" to "Games You Own"
Topic: "All Games" to "Games You Own"
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It would be great to get a feature on "All Games" where you could limit the list to "Games You Own." I would love to sort the games I own by the options listed on the "All Games" page.
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Isn't that this page:

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Yes, but that page lacks some of the sorting options of the "All Games" page. For example, on the "Games I Own" page I can't sort by number of achievements, total game value, or estimated time to complete. It would be cool to have those sorting options on the page you listed. Just a suggestion.
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Ahh I see --- should be very easy to fix... sec...


I have now uploaded so you can select more sorting options from the drop-down on my-games.

(this will not actually show you the actual values atm, since the table has no column for it, but at least it is sorted the way you wanted to).

Seems like there is some crazy bug with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that I discovered now also... it has 64683 people who have completed it, of 2685 players.. derp).

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You, sir, are the man. Thanks so much!
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