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Forums -> Site related -> Suggestions -> Set a difference between Xbox One- and Xbox 360-games
Topic: Set a difference between Xbox One- and Xbox 360-games
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Could you set a difference between Xbox One- and Xbox 360-games? For example in Limbo there are two columns with Xbox Live. It should say "Xbox Live (XO) and Xbox Live (X360)".

I confused me with Dragon Age Inquisition with two Xbox Lives.

Maybe also make a difference between PSN for PS4 and PS3.
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I second this now that we have a 3rd generation of consoles with achievement systems. PSN may have a way to show which console it is on since they show it even when viewing your game list from your PS3. Xbox may be the most difficult and may need us to tag the game itself as a community. RA does have a variable to determine which console the game is from that should make it easy for this use.
Could be used down the line for more specific leaderboards as well, such as a leaderboard just for a single console.
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Hi, thanks for your comment.

We would definitely like to make it a lot clearer, so far we have some ideas, but nothing has been decided on as of now. I will ask for a better understanding of the scope, time and effort this would require before making any decisions. If it is less demanding task, I may be able to begin working on it - so in the meantime, no promises. ;)

It is actually already under development, and will be more general, so it will work for the different Playstation-platforms as well! ^^

[EDIT #2]
I added this to our Trello to easier track the progress.

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For the PlayStation platforms, most games use a single achievement list worldwide but some make separate lists for each region the game is released in; could you set that distinction as well if applicable? For example, glancing at PSNProfiles, each game in the Persona series has separate achievement lists for North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Chinese territories:

(I dunno if developers can make the same distinction when releasing on the Xbox family)
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