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Forums -> Site related -> Suggestions -> Green Frame when more than 50% completed
Topic: Green Frame when more than 50% completed
| +3 |

Just a suggestion, but it would be nice if the game frame was coloured green if more than 50% has been achieved. I find it difficult 100% most games, some are even impossible such as Arkham Origins with no multiplayer servers in 2019.

When I look at my list of games it would be nice to see a difference between those games with more than 50% achievements

50% Green
100% Gold

Personal preference mind so nothing more than a suggestion.

Keep up the good work,
| +2 |
Sounds like an idea worth trying out. Since blue and green are colors pretty close to each-other, it might be able to add more information without making the visuals too disparate.
| 0 |
thanks for replying. Hopefully you get chance to look at this.

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