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Forums -> Site related -> Suggestions -> Rep points for 100%
Topic: Rep points for 100%
| +2 |
I was thinking mabie for each 100% game you do you get one rep point so that way your rep points show experience with forums and game completion, or mabie have it be a diffrent category and be called like exp points so people can see how much completionest exp you have
| 0 |
I don't think that completing your hentai games that take a few minutes should reward you with anything. Besides, they are spam games are should not be tracked at all.
| 0 |
you could set it up so only games worth a certain amount or more gain you rep, or just blacklist spam games from gaining yiou rep or any other game you deem 'in bad taste'
| +2 |
Isn't this kinda what Completist Score is ? Or do you mean a scoring that is 1 point per completed game, regardless of difficulty?

I'd rather keep the thing called Rep separate, since it is intended to track community-contribution to the site kinda.
| 0 |
like one point per game that's publicly viewable, my thought process was along the lines of the more points a person has the more you would want to ask them for tips on your games or something like that, so like rep points for games, as compared to the current community rep points for posts
| +2 |
What you're proposing doesn't make much sense to me:

How would you like to be asked or ask anyone based on "game reputation" if there is no direct messaging system in place?

There is the completist score, which is a way more sophisticated than "+1 reputation per completed game".

There is also a comment section for each game and each achievement on the site, where you can put a guideline or tips if you want to. This way you may get reputation if others upvote it.

The top rankings on MGS are overflown with "achievement hunters" playing only crappy spam games that are completed within a few minutes from getting the first to the last achievement. This spoils achievement-hunting for me and I believe also for many other gamers out there who like playing (quality) games with meaningful (fewer) achievements. The thing you are proposing would be a step in a wrong direction for this great site.
| +1 |
Good take, Marexai. The Completist score is a direct reflection of how "many" games that one user has completed - taking the difficulty of that completion into account as well.

An alternative would be just like how the raw number of achievements is displayed, 28 253 in my case, there could be a counter for how many 100%-ed games that user has. Currently, you would have to navigate into "100% games" and read off 77 (in my case).

This could be a middle-ground if what the OP was asking for is a "100% game counter" displayed on profiles, but has no interaction with the separate rep-system.
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