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Forums -> General Forums -> Games Discussions -> Best game for achievements released 2020
Topic: Best game for achievements released 2020
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If you've played any game with exceptionally good achievements this year, then please nominate it for the "Best Game for Achievements 2020 Award".

More information here:

Write your nomination(s) and motivation in this thread!
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Streets of Rage 4
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- Factorio
This game has been in early access for many years, but it finally reached "released" version.

The game has a really good mix of difficult achievements (Finish the game within 8 hours.) and some "collect through grind" achievements, combined with some "play the game in a specific way" achievements, such as winning without building solar panels.

The achievement set isn't huge, but it is definitely worth it for those that like builder-automation-games.
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Red Dead Redemption 2
| +5 |

Supergiant Games has yet to release a bad game. Hades is no exception. It follows Zagreus, the Immortal Prince of the Underworld, as he tries to free himself from the clutches of Hades.

Every aspect of this game is fantastic. The art, design, and overall aesthetic. Build relationships with a wide variety of fully-voiced characters. Upgrade your talents, weapons, and even change the decor at home. Six unique weapons to use. Boons and gifts to change up the experience every time you try to escape. Countless lines of dialogue and unique story events to keep things fun and interesting.

Achievements seem to vary from main story progression to more long-term oriented goals for the most dedicated of players.

Oh. And Supergiant doesn't crunch their workers to get games out. Thank YOU Jim Sterling for influencing my decision to get this game.
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Cyberpunk 2077
| +1 |
Spelunky 2.

The original Spelunky was an indie masterpiece. Few games manage to create the sheer depth of Spelunky based on such a simple concept. Spelunky is as simple as running through 16 levels, yet it has almost infinite replay value. Every object, item, and enemy in this game interacts with all others exactly as one would expect, leading to many unique situations the player can use to their advantage. Spelunky is an incredibly difficult game, but it always feels fair. The player almost never feels cheated when they die in Spelunky. Every move is logical and calculated.

Of course, it was inevitable that such a legendary game as Spelunky would receive a sequel. I'm glad to say Spelunky 2 is as much a masterpiece as the original. All the praise I've sung for the original holds true here, but on a massively increased scale. The size of these two games are beyond compare. Spelunky 2 has hundreds of new objects and enemies, new levels, new bosses, everything you could possibly imagine, but it's still the game we love. Despite the sheer size and complexity of this game, especially compared to its predecessor, it manages to maintain the logical interactions and calculated gameplay that made the original so great. It confounds me how such a game manages to uphold a difficulty curve, but Spelunky 2 does so wonderfully. It's difficult to properly word my praises for this game: they took a perfected masterpiece and upscaled it without sacrificing anything that made the original special.That in itself is a wonder.
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spelunky2 by far
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