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All Games -> Mansion of Hidden Souls
Sega CDGame Info

Mansion of Hidden Souls

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Platforms R.A
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 2 250
Number of Owners: 1
Number of Players: 1
Completists: 2
Completists %: 100%
Number of Achievements: 18
Average Achievement Value: 125

Social Interaction:

Sega CD
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Achievements (18)

Available achievements
Escaped the mansion and restored my sister's human form. I don't want to see a butterfly ever again. 125
Found The Basement
It's dark and creepy. I don't feel safe here. 125
Found Some Matches
This allows me to light up candles. 125
Found My Sister
Now we need to escape the mansion so she can recover her human form. 125
Found A Strange Door
And somehow brought me to a distant room. 125
Found A Small Key
This allows me to unlock something nearby. 125
Found A Plaque
This should be displayed in a wall. 125
Found A Place To Rest
At the bottom of an underground pool. 125
Found A Key
This allows me to exit the Library. 125
Found A Key
This allows me to enter the Art room. 125
Found A Key
This allows me to enter the Music room. 125
Found A Hidden Room
It has candles and a strange moon. 125
Found A Flower
It's pretty. Where should I place it? 125
Found A Diary
This allows me to keep track of my progress. 125
Found A Crystal
This may let us to escape the mansion. 125
Found A Clock
This allows me to know how much time I have left. 125
Found A Candlestick
This allows me to explore dark places. 125
A Statue Found Me
And all my hopes where crushed, just like all my bones. 125

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