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SteamGame Info

Tomb Rumble

Tomb Rumble is a pixel art MMO platformer, where adventurers compete to retrieve ancient treasures in lost temples, cursed ruins and more. Push other players into deadly traps to be the first to escape !... or be the one to fall in a lava pit. The game takes form in a succession of small, fast-paced maps full of action. Short time limit, lava rising, giant boulders falling, and cruel other adventurers. Your goal is to reach the escape rope of each temple, by jumping and running your way through while collecting coins and getting the occasional obligatory gem. To do so, a nice little arsenal of items and environmental traps to block and get rid of other players is at your disposal. As well as a bunch of special skills and buffs to help you stay alive like invisibility, double jumps or quick dash. Use everything you got strategically to clear your way to victory. History is written by the smartest While you could just team up with other explorers and all share the treasures, you could also… trigger a deadly spike , unleash a giant scythe or activate a deadly saw blade. Each level got its own set of traps, randomly assigned to players, that you can use at your advantage to get rid of other players! Or you can... just push them off the ledge right before the end. Hundreds of levels and an infinity of possibilities More than hundreds of levels of all kinds are waiting for you, ranging from classical tombs full of traps and puzzle jumps in the jungle, to trips into unstable volcanoes. Be the mastermind behind those tricky temples Design, share and play your own maps with other adventurers. Using our 2D physics engine, you will be able to quickly build a tomb for your fellows using ready-made assets, placing traps and tweaking the physics and behavior of each part of your level!
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 2 791
Number of Owners: 145
Number of Players: 2
Completists: 1
Completists %: 0.69%
Number of Achievements: 10
Average Achievement Value: 279.1

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (10)

Available achievements
Back from the dead
Complete 5000 levels 289
Complete 1000 levels 278
The Butcher
Kill 50 players with traps 278
Temple lover
Complete 500 levels 278
Reach lvl 5 on six of your Maledictions 278
Richest in the world
Gather 5000 coins 278
Become the vengeful Spirit 278
Kill 3000 players with traps 278
Gather 1000 coins 278
Create and publish a map 278

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