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All Games -> Chicken Duty
SteamGame Info

Chicken Duty

Protect the neighbor's Chicken while they're away! You better hurry, they'll be home soon. Run after the chicken and lead it to safety as it encounters multiple threats along it's path through town! Compare times with others and try to keep your Chicken safe as fast as you can. *This game was created in only 3 days for a Game Jam, and then polished and released over a few more days. - Reviews keeping this in mind are appreciated! Attempt to beat the times of others in this time-trial, level based speed-run game. Levels include: Fox Hunt - The chicken runs into a hungry family of foxes who chase after the chicken. Eliminate the foxes before they get to the chicken! Chase - Hunters in the woods find the Chicken and chase after it. You now become the chicken, and must run through a short puzzle to get away! Road Run - There's no turning back now, you must safely cross the highway to get to the other side! Surgery - The chicken was hurt from a falling stone! You must complete surgery by answering math questions until you've healed the chicken. Butcher - The chicken made it to town, but ran into a butcher shop! Find the chicken and run to the exit before the butcher does! The game includes achievements for all three difficulty levels.
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 1 476
Number of Owners: 61
Number of Players: 1
Completists: 1
Completists %: 1.64%
Number of Achievements: 9
Average Achievement Value: 164

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (9)

Available achievements
Untouchable III
Finish the game without taking damage on hard mode 164
Untouchable II
Finish the game without taking damage on normal mode 164
Untouchable I
Finish the game without taking damage on easy mode 164
Complete the entire game with one health point! 164
One Minute Club
Complete the game in under one minute 164
Marksman III
Don't miss a gunshot on hard mode 164
Marksman II
Don't miss a gunshot on normal mode 164
Marksman I
Don't miss a gunshot on easy mode 164
Magic Bullet
Kill the last fox with your last bullet 164

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