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All Games -> My journey to your world
SteamGame Info

My journey to your world

Prepare your crew to set sail for the journies beyond! There are 6 crewmates in total, complete their stages and unlock their stars Solve a certain amount of randomly scrambled puzzles of varying difficulty in a certain amount of time Each clear after the first unlocks that crewmates stars to learn more about them. Our captain has a goal that he needs to achieve but needs the help of his newly constructed team. For their help, he'll attempt to help them with one request as payment. Each member comes from different places, potentially timelines that fell or walked through mana fissures that led them to be found by him. The game is pretty short, but despite that, I hope it could be a fun pastime for an hour or two.
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 2 837
Number of Owners: 134
Number of Players: 15
Completists: 10
Completists %: 7.46%
Number of Achievements: 12
Average Achievement Value: 236.42

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (12)

Available achievements
Without wind
Clear Lune's third star stage 262
Time is complicated
Clear Raiko's third star stage 262
Tell me a story
Clear Neruha's third star stage 262
Seer into my future...
Clear Sairu's third star stage 262
We fall together
Clear Raeve's third star stage 251
Knights are cool
Clear Stizeha's third star stage 240
Welcome aboard Sairu!
Unlock Sairu on your ship 218
Welcome aboard Raiko!
Unlock Raiko on your ship 218
Welcome aboard Raeve!
Unlock Raeve on your ship 218
Welcome aboard Neruha!
Unlock Neruha on your ship 218
Welcome aboard Lune!
Unlock Lune on your ship 218
Welcome aboard Stizeha!
Unlock stizeha on your ship 208

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