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WARNING: This game contains moderate flashing lights, and bright particle effects, if you have a history of photosensitive epilepsy please be cautious. Note: This game was created by a solo developer! I have done a lot of internal testing, but if any issues are encountered please reach out to me and I will fix them as fast as I can!! Additionally all audio in the game is 100% royalty free and may be used freely in both recording and streaming. :) Revisitor takes place completely inside of a virtual world known as the ‘Revisitor program’. It consists of a series of missions designed to test out the effectiveness of two different forms of teleportation in various simulated scenarios. You play as Subject-01, the very first user to attempt the Revisitor Program. Will you be able to successfully complete it? Return Teleportation: The first type of core teleportation is the ‘Return’ teleport. You may place a return point at any location you desire, and then go back to that exact position any time you would like. Blink Teleportation: The next form of core teleportation is the ‘Blink’ teleport. You may rapidly teleport a short distance towards any direction you are aiming at. Using these teleportation abilities, make your way through a variety of different levels in the Revisitor program. Levels will have a variety of different features including… Special Panels with unique effects. Interactable Access Nodes. Gates and Barriers to get through. Power Cells and Teleport Cells. Obstacles to navigate across. There are also quite a number of unlockable secrets hidden amongst certain levels. Players will be able to unlock: Special Missions. Revisitor Logs. Challenge Objectives. The further into the Revisitor program you go, the more new and challenging objects you will find. Create your own self-checkpoints, and close great distances with the Return teleport. Quickly navigate through various platforms, and avoid danger in tight spaces with the Blink teleport. Uncover the secrets of the Revisitor program, and become the first person to successfully complete it!
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 2 567
Number of Owners: 43
Number of Players: 1
Completists: 1
Completists %: 2.33%
Number of Achievements: 17
Average Achievement Value: 151

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (17)

Available achievements
Taste of Secrets.
Complete your first Special Mission. 151
Special Proficiency.
Complete all 12 Special Missions. 151
Finish a Standard Mission with 20 Return teleports used. 151
Complete four different Log Challenge Conditions. 151
Complete eight different Log Challenge Conditions. 151
Complete your first Log Challenge Condition. 151
Refined Skills.
Complete Standard Mission 14. 151
Complete the ‘????????’ Mission in the Log selection screen. 151
Program Finished.
Successfully exit the Revisitor Program. 151
Problem Solver.
Complete Standard Mission 28. 151
Pain Inhibitors.
Finish a Standard Mission with less than 5% of your Life remaining. 151
Master League.
Complete Standard Mission 39. 151
Late > Never.
Finish a Standard Mission with less than 3 seconds of Time remaining. 151
Complete the initial eight Tutorial Missions. 151
Blink Storm.
Finish a Standard Mission with 60 Blink teleports used. 151
Alternate Solutions.
Complete 6 different Special Missions. 151
Agility Training.
Finish a Standard Mission with 40 Jumps. 151

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