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All Games -> Ruins Of Mitriom
SteamGame Info

Ruins Of Mitriom

Explore the continent in search of Mitriom, ancient energy crystals to power the various improvements of your caravan (Skills, Bonus, Cannon on the caravan etc). The game is a beat them all, it is playable from 1 to 4 players in cooperation, it is necessary to explore a map in search of crystals to improve the skills of the characters (the explorers) and of the caravan. If all the players are knocked out or the caravan is destroyed the game is lost and you have to start over. The objective will be to activate the different lighthouses of the islands to reach the end of the game. To achieve this, it will be necessary to learn to master the skills of the characters, but also the system of dynamic upgrades which allows, by feeding different improvements, to adapt to the situation, for example to deactivate the movement of the caravan to put it aside during the battles, increase the speed of team members and the caravan to escape a too difficult fight or even boost the detector in search of the crystals hidden on the island Features: - 6 playable characters with unique abilities - 10 upgrades recovered with different level - Playable from 1 to 4 in co-op - A large map to explore - Various enemies Controls:
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 833
Number of Owners: 1
Number of Players: 0
Completists: 0
Completists %: 0%
Number of Achievements: 7
Average Achievement Value: 119

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (7)

Available achievements
Talk to all the NPC in the game 119
Complete the game alone 119
Complete the game as a team 119
Beat all the giant monsters on the map 119
Find all the mitriom crystals on the map 119
Get all the upgrades of the caravan 119
Activate all lighthouses 119

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