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All Games -> Ice Cream Break Head to Head
Playstation 5Game Info

Ice Cream Break Head to Head

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Platforms PS5
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 5 043
Number of Owners: 3
Number of Players: 3
Completists: 4
Completists %: 100%
Number of Achievements: 41
Average Achievement Value: 123

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (41)

Available achievements
Wide paddle collected
Collected wide paddle power up. 123
Turbo player
Hit ball 3 times in turbo paddle mode without losing life. 123
Swirly defeated
Defeated Swirly mini boss. 123
Sundae defeated
Defeated Sundae boss. 123
Sticky player
Caught ball 3 times with sticky paddle without losing life. 123
Slow player
Completed a level slowly. 123
Slow and steady
Destroyed 3 items with slow ball without losing life. 123
Shielded player
Hit ball 3 times with shield (bottom wall) without losing life. 123
Multiplayer level played
Played a level in 1P vs 2P mode. 123
Minty defeated
Defeated Minty mini boss. 123
Mini boss attacks survived
Survived all mini boss attacks in a level. 123
Mega Bomb
Destroyed 3 items with a bomb. 123
Laser lord
Destroyed 5 items with laser without losing life. 123
Laser collected
Collected laser power up. 123
Invincible player
Survived a mini boss attack through invincible paddle. 123
Immortal player
Completed a level without losing life. 123
Ice Cream Break Head to Head master
Collected all the trophies in the game. 123
High 5 player
Destroyed an item at 5x speed. 123
Fireball fury
Destroyed 5 items with fireball without losing life. 123
Fireball collected
Collected fireball power up. 123
Fast player
Completed a level quickly. 123
CPU defeated
Defeated CPU in 1P play mode. 123
Consecutive win
Defeated CPU consecutively. 123
Combo power up collected
Collected a combo of 3 or more power ups. 123
Berry defeated
Defeated Berry mini boss. 123
All power ups collected
Collected all powers ups and collectibles in level. 123
7 stars earned
Earned total 7 stars in game. 123
7 lives win
Completed a level with 7 or more lives remaining. 123
7 coins collected
Collected total 7 coins in game. 123
5 stars earned
Earned total 5 stars in game. 123
5 coins collected
Collected total 5 coins in game. 123
40K points scored
Scored 40000 points in a level. 123
3 win streak
Defeated CPU 3 times in a row. 123
3 stars earned
Earned total 3 stars in game. 123
3 coins collected
Collected total 3 coins in game. 123
3 characters played
Completed levels with 3 different characters in game. 123
3 characters defeated
Defeated 3 characters in game. 123
3-ball collected
Collected 3-ball power up. 123
30K points scored
Scored 30000 points in a level. 123
2 characters played
Completed levels with 2 different characters in game. 123
2 characters defeated
Defeated 2 characters in game. 123

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