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All Games -> Vampire Survivors
SteamGame Info

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements. There's no place where to hide, all you can do is try to survive a cursed night and get as much gold as possible for the next survivor, before Death inevitably puts an end to your struggles. Content in the Early Access version Supports mouse, keyboard, controller, and touch screen. Starting Tips Take your time to grab gems and items, they won't disappear. Get two or three offensive weapons at first, but focus on leveling them up one at a time. Armor and Luck are good starting power-ups to spend money on. Refund power-ups often, it's free, and try new upgrade paths. Hi Eli 👋
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Expansion: Patch
Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 82 426
Number of Owners: 2 663
Number of Players: 2 312
Completists: 40
Completists %: 1.5%
Number of Achievements: 129
Average Achievement Value: 638.96

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (129)

Available achievements
Forbidden Scrolls
Find the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. 2180
XIII - Wicked Season
Reach Level 99 with Christine after finding the Randomazzo. 2177
Skip 5
Survive 15 minutes in Boss Rash. 1995
II - Twilight Requiem
Reach Level 99 with Dommario after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1971
I - Gemini
Reach Level 99 with Pugnala after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1938
Boss Rash
Unlock Hyper mode for all 5 normal stages. 1905
Great Gospel
Find the Great Gospel. 1811
Game Killer
Defeat the final enemy in the Cappella Magna after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1811
Reroll 5
Reach Level 100 with Sir Ambrojoe. 1725
XX - Silent Old Sanctuary
Reach minute 31 in the Dairy Plant after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1681
Sir Ambrojoe
Defeat a total of 6000 Stage Killers. 1665
Fill 100 entries in the Collection. 1641
Ars Gouda
Find the Ars Gouda. 1639
III - Tragic Princess
Reach Level 99 with Porta after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1600
VIII - Mad Groove
Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1516
Unite Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear. 1483
X - Beginning
Reach Level 99 with Antonio after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1474
Vento Sacro
Survive 15 minutes with Zi'Assunta. 1456
Hyper Cappella Magna
Defeat the Trinacria in the Cappella Magna. 1427
Coffin: Cappella Magna
Find and open the coffin in the Cappella Magna. 1385
XII - Out of Bounds
Reach minute 31 in the Gallo Tower after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1362
Get Torrona's Box to Level 9. 1345
XIV - Jail of Crystal
Reach Level 99 with Pasqualina after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1290
Seeker of the Crimson Shroud
Obtain the Crimson Shroud. 1260
Banish 5
Fill 90 entries in the Collection. 1256
Seeker of the Infinite Corridor
Obtain the Infinite Corridor. 1246
Grim Grimoire
Find the Grim Grimoire. 1220
Cappella Magna
Deal with the whole lunar eclipse event, starting from Moongolow. 1206
Torrona's Box
Hold 6 different weapon evolutions at once. 1167
Skip 4
Survive 15 minutes in Moongolow. 1142
Glass Vizard
Find and buy the Glass Vizard. 1135
Skip 3
Survive 30 minutes in The Bone Zone. 1124
XV - Disco of Gold
Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1102
VII - Iron Blue Will
Reach Level 99 with Gennaro after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1094
I can't see anything...
Find the Yellow Sign. 1082
XVIII - Boogaloo of Illusions
Reach Level 99 with Concetta after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1069
Reroll 4
Reach Level 100 with O'Sole Meeo. 1064
XI - Waltz of Pearls
Reach Level 99 with Imelda after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1053
XIX - Heart of Fire
Reach Level 99 with Arca after unlocking the Randomazzo. 1027
Banish 4
Fill 80 entries in the Collection. 986
Valkyrie Turner
Evolve the Shadow Pinion. 950
V - Chaos in the Dark Night
Reach Level 99 with Giovanna after unlocking the Randomazzo. 929
XVI - Slash
Reach Level 99 with Lama after unlocking the Randomazzo. 913
XVII - Lost & Found Painting
Reach Level 99 with Poppea after unlocking the Randomazzo. 896
IV - Awake
Reach Level 99 with Krochi after unlocking the Randomazzo. 891
Shadow Pinion
Survive 15 minutes with Concetta. 867
Vicious Hunger
Evolve the Gatti Amari. 856
Reroll 3
Reach Level 100 with Bianca Ramba. 851
Unlock Hyper mode for 4 normal stages. 756
Coffin: Gallo Tower
Find and open the coffin in the Gallo Tower. 705

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