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All Games -> Project Lazarus
SteamGame Info

Project Lazarus

Project Lazarus is a reverse bullet hell, mech survival game with rogue-lite elements! Snowball your mech's arsenal to outlast the wave of alien monsters. Pick up items and crystals to level up, install and upgrade your mech and establish fire superiority. Every mech has its own control scheme and weapon installation slots, so make the right choice for the environment and your style of gameplay. Then, deploy your mech to the ground of an alien planet and survive the drop! We envision 3 main features for Project Lazarus to be ready for full release. 1) Base game mode (Survival), which is complete. 2) A variety of unique mechs and weapons. 3) An alternative game mode that we plan to add in the future. At the time of Early Access release, Project Lazarus features 6 Mechs with unique control scheme 15 Weapons 3 Stages
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 2 690
Number of Owners: 9
Number of Players: 4
Completists: 0
Completists %: 0%
Number of Achievements: 16
Average Achievement Value: 168.12

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (16)

Available achievements
Level 70
Reached Level 70 for the first time. 182
Level 100
Reached Level 100 for the first time. 182
Arctic Glacier Hyper Mode
Unlocked Arctic Glacier Hyper Mode 182
Weapon Evolution
Unlocked weapon evolution for the first time 173
Grasslands Hyper Mode
Unlocked Grasslands Hyper Mode 173
Desert Hyper Mode
Unlocked Desert Hyper Mode 173
Arctic Glacier
Unlocked Arctic Glacier Stage 173
Stage: Desert
Unlocked Desert Stage 164
Mech: Tombstone
Unlocked Tombstone 164
Mech: Titus
Unlocked Titus 164
Mech: Striker
Unlocked Striker 164
Mech: Arachmech
Unlocked Arachmech 164
Level 50
Reached Level 50 for the first time. 164
Mech: Dozer
Unlocked Dozer 156
First Death!
Now go get some upgrades at the armory 156
Early Access Warrior
Unlocked for purchasing during Early Access days. 156

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