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All Games -> DEPO : Death Epileptic Pixel Origins
SteamGame Info

DEPO : Death Epileptic Pixel Origins

Play as a pixel inside a computer whose system is on the verge of collapse. Explore dozens of colorful worlds and crazy files to unveil the evil plan of EYE.CO and thus be able to stop it. Get to know the lives of the other pixels and their past, everyone hides some secret... Will you be able to save the system? BIG EXPLORATION! Every corner of DEPO is full of details and rewards for the most intrepid explorers. A wide variety of worlds and archives await you, each one totally unique. Immerse yourself in a highly chromatic journey in adventure mode. A STORY FULL OF SECRETS! All the pixels that live in the System hide enigmatic mysteries, knowing them is the key to understand the world of DEPO. All of them will change along your journey, telling you new information. Unknowns whose answers are not easy to discover and that EYE.CO does not want you to know. TIME TRIAL MODE Each file in DEPO has its own time trial mode where you can compete against Bill, the fastest pixel in the system. Train yourself and go through hundreds of shortcuts that will make you go at an incredible speed. SUIT UP You'll be able to change the appearance of your pixel by equipping it with dozens of outfits, plus you can customize your own guided missile. PLAY! The DEPO postgame is quite extensive and with new content, you will have many hours and hours of entertainment after completing the adventure! Almost a new game! MULTIPLAYER MINI-GAMES And if that wasn't enough, in addition to the story mode, you will find 5 very frantic multiplayer mini-games, where your friendship with your colleagues will be in serious danger...
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 25 513
Number of Owners: 330
Number of Players: 23
Completists: 15
Completists %: 4.55%
Number of Achievements: 45
Average Achievement Value: 566.96

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (45)

Available achievements
This is just the warm-up.
Finish the race course in the Fitxel Zone. 606
The blind system.
Break all the surveillance cameras. 606
Is this how you did it?
Visit the museum. 606
A stylish pixel.
Get all the items of clothing. 606
The whole thing gets complicated.
Finish a level in the Dark World. 587
The creator of the system?
Finish off SAMus. 587
Techrat would be proud.
Play all the mini-games. 587
Find the ancient primal zone. 587
I will not leave a single one.
Get the camera detector in the store. 587
Good thing I brought popcorn.
Listen to Mayor Shike's speech from beginning to end. 587
Duel of the Wild West.
Finish off SAMuel. 587
Diogenes syndrome.
Unlock everything in the inventory. 587
Between two worlds.
Reach the Dark World. 587
A shortcut's a shortcut.
Use Sam's secret teleporter. 587
Zzz ...
Sleep at the Death Pixels base. 568
What a lot of paperwork.
Get the 3 EYE.CO documents. 568
Reach level 30. 568
Trip to the Moon.
Make the missile hit the big eye of the EYE.CO Test. 568
To infinity and beyond.
Get the triple jump in the store. 568
The one-eyed system.
Break half of the surveillance cameras. 568
Straight to the Underground.
Descend from Core Square to the Underground. 568
Finish off SAMsara. 568
Save Zone addict.
Respawn 100 times. 568
Poor green pixels.
Finish off SAMmy. 568
Reach level 20. 568
Reach level 10. 568
It was a trap...
Reach Lost Pixels. 568
"It's not flying, it's falling with style."
Get the double jump in the store. 568
I'm starting to remember now.
Remember a fragment of your past. 568
I'm all ears.
Listen to 15 different pixels. 568
I hit the bull's-eye.
Finish off SAMson. 568
Reach level 40. 568
Freedom for all.
Escape from Lost Pixels and free the prisoners. 568
Are you playing alone?
Put the ball in the goal in the Fitxel Zone. 568
Arcade game legend.
Win the Golden Ticket in The Pixel Game. 568
A love story shattered.
Finish off SAManta. 568
A family drama.
Visit the house of Rorojele and Nuria P. 568
You're heartless.
Remove the pixel from the trampoline in the Fitxel Zone. 550
Try out photo mode. 550
Faster than Bill.
Break a time record at any level. 550
Creepypasta material.
Visit the mirror of the EYE.CO offices at night. 550
I can almost touch it.
Get the maximum zoom with binoculars. 532
Symptoms of blindness.
Break one surveillance camera. 480
Pixel status: Correct!
Pass the EYE.CO physical and mental test. 480
I don't remember anything.
The adventure begins. 463

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