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All Games -> Voice of Chernobyl
SteamGame Info

Voice of Chernobyl

3D Action first-person shooter in a post-apocalyptic world, with tons of different maps! • 8 maps available for players, from small ones to big maps • Intense battles, with sliding, crouching and more! • Over 50 weapons! That can be mastered with short time • Over 4 gamemodes - Team-Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Zombie Infection and Melee Fight • Character customization, with accessories in which you can create your own, personal, unique character • In-game shop, where you can buy armour, weapons and more! • Consumables, such as an energy drink and medkits • More than 30 achievements!
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 4 651
Number of Owners: 20
Number of Players: 3
Completists: 0
Completists %: 0%
Number of Achievements: 26
Average Achievement Value: 178.88

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (26)

Available achievements
Get kicked off a room 182
This is my new life
Launch VOC for the 1000th time 182
Soiled Shirt
Get killed by an enemy who used a burrito 182
Have 50 headshots 182
Should I be worried?
Kill all the staff team of VOC in a single match 182
Have all the weapons bought 182
Screw Guns
Kill an enemy with a melee 182
Mass Killing Spree
Have at least 1000 kills 182
Lucky Sniper
Have 100 headshots 182
Killing Spree
Have at least 100 kills 182
Meet all the staff team of VOC in a single match 182
Happy Birthday!
Open a present earned when a round is over 182
Kill an enemy meanwhile sliding 182
Favourite game
Launch VOC for the 100th time 182
Energy Addict
Drink 5 energy drinks in one life 182
Jump at least 150 times 182
Get killed by an enemy that used a melee 182
Buy anything from the "armour" section in the shop 182
Am I bad?
Die for the 1000th time, How? 182
100th time?
Die for the 100th time 182
Kill a VOC staff in a match 173
Lucky Boy
Meet at least a VOC staff in a match 173
Hot Potato
Get killed by your own grenade 173
Chinese new year
Get killed by an enemys grenade 173
First time?
Die for the first time, by anything! 164
Open the game for the first time! 155

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