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SteamGame Info

Dreamer's Road

Pursue the American dream. The term "Dreamers" refers to young immigrants who came to the United States as children and who feel American, but who live without access to full citizenship. Dreamer's Road presents us with an interactive adventure about the empowering experience of a young immigrant developed entirely by Latinos. Each of its five levels confronts us with tests of a varied nature, from the traumatic and cruel reality of crossing the border at a very young age to working as a delivery or waitress, to end up facing the very promoter of the pandemic, an evil scientist who seeks to dominate the world! All in a classic arcade aesthetic. Discover through this interactive experience the strength and determination of the young people who overcome obstacles to improve their lives and the lives of their communities by guaranteeing the next generation of leaders and essential workers who will make this planet a better place. It traces the life of a young immigrant who contributes to the growth of this great nation through her daily work, hoping to be able to train professionally and achieve the "American dream". Are you ready to live as an immigrant in the United States? - Install yourself and start training as a professional! He arrives at a new home and faces the challenges of starting a new life. - Master your work skill! Deliver orders at high speed, deliver food before your customers leave, repair houses before they are destroyed, and much more. - Save the world! Become a professional scientist and save the world from an evil scientist.
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 9 634
Number of Owners: 268
Number of Players: 15
Completists: 14
Completists %: 5.22%
Number of Achievements: 24
Average Achievement Value: 401.42

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (24)

Available achievements
Updated antivirus
Completed the fifth level. 402
T-t-t-that's all People!
Game completed! 402
Completed all the levels with 3 stars! 402
Speed demon
Completed the game super fast! 402
Shaun of the dead
Cured 7 infected! 402
Where did you want to go? 402
Rebuild the world
Completed the fourth level. 402
Plague doctor
Beat the final boss! 402
Papers, please
Captured by car. 402
Lazy day
Ran out of time. 402
Completed a level without losing any lives. 402
Broke a wall and dead! 402
Enemy mucus hit you directly. 402
First steps
Completed the first level. 402
Fat wallet
Collected 50 items! 402
Killed by a missile. 402
Down the rabbit hole
Fell into a hole. 402
Dinner is served
Completed the third level. 402
Delivery made
Completed the second level. 402
Bumper cars
Crash all the obstacles. 402
Black Hawk Down
Escaped from the helicopter! 402
¬°Beep, Beep!
Escaped from the car! 402
Fell into a hole two times. 402
Killed by a box. 388

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