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SteamGame Info

Winged Raider

Winged Raider is a 2D Shooter roguelike game where you navigate a castle that is crawling with goofy enemies and evil bosses. When you die you have to start back at the beginning, but the further you progress, the more story you unlock. Do you have what it takes to be the Winged Raider? Character Customization! -28 hats (some have multiple colors) -30 hairstyles in 8 colors -29 facial hairstyles in 8 colors -7 skin colors -12 body colors Guns and Wings! -9 guns (5 primary guns, 4 secondary guns) (You can carry one primary and one secondary gun) -6 wing abilities (different colored wings grant different abilities) Evil Enemies! -16 Different enemies -6 Bosses All enemy, gun, and wing stats are available to read about in the main menu! Check under the more button for item info (guns and wings) and enemy info. Info on bosses is unlocked under enemy info when they are defeated. The Kingdom of Daanco was saved thousands of years ago by a great hero. However, the Winged God stands to destroy everything. Turkzu has begun the attack of the Winged God and seeks to rule the Kingdom of Daanco under the Winged God. Save the Kingdom of Daanco from the curse of Turkzu! Your mission: -Infiltrate the Winged Castle -Defeat any who dare stand in your way -Eliminate Turkzu -Daanco is saved But one question still remains. . . Who is Turkzu?
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 3 511
Number of Owners: 238
Number of Players: 10
Completists: 5
Completists %: 2.1%
Number of Achievements: 8
Average Achievement Value: 438.88

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (8)

Available achievements
Robo Gang Turkzu
Destroy T-Bot 448
Paint It, Pink
Eliminate Turkzu 448
Look Ma, Hands!!
Vanquish Skulle With Hands 448
I've Got a Lovely Bunch
Annihilate Coconutte Tree 448
Grant My Wish, Peas and Carrots
Slaughter Drawrgon 448
Did that really just happen?
Complete the game only using the bow and arrow. NO STARTING PISTOL EITHER! 448
A Giant Flying Shoe
Conquer Big Shoe 448
Nice Try
Die. 375

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