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Your goal is simple: try and survive fights to the death. SpiderHeck is a fast-paced couch co-op brawler where spiders battle it out in a deadly dance of chaos. Choose to take on waves of ferocious enemies as a lone wolf (spider), or join forces with your friends, then challenge them to a duel afterwards so you can gleefully watch them do a neat trick before they launch themselves face-first into the lava. FEATURES Battle it out, have fun, or… uh... suffer What mode are you in the mood for today? Cut down waves of enemies or create modded duels; fight one-on-one or try to make it through the challenges—then try again, and again, and again… Alternatively, you can just spend your time putting cute hats on the spiders. Play alone or get the squad in on the action Sure, you can play with your friends: co-op or against each other, local or online… But what if you don't have any friends? Don't worry, we're here to give you a big hug and let you know that there are tons of solo modes, too. And if you feel like making friends so you have someone to play with, use the quick search to find random opponents or visit our Discord channel. We've got everyone covered. Limitless potential for gravity-defying stunts The physics system here is so much more than just swinging from webs: do a somersault, push off of your opponent, swing your sword 360°, get stuck, wiggle your way out, and deal the killing blow as you land on your enemy's head. Now imagine all that but in zero gravity (yes, there's a level like that!). Combine different survival tactics Each arena has its own unique features, and while some may help you, others will bring the pain. You're welcome to come up with a strategy in the beginning and stick to it, but you don't have to—just let inertia and random chance make your gameplay unpredictable. Crush your enemies with a mind-blowing variety of weapons Use shotguns, rocket launchers, mines, and single-bladed or double-bladed laser swords to slash, crush, blow up and… oh, hang on, there's something else… it only takes one hit to kill in this game, which means that with certain weapons you might be offing yourself along with your enemies. We just figured we'd mention that, ya know. Customize your spiders There are plenty of default colors available and you can earn hats by unlocking achievements (to make things more interesting, we suggest you try and find them yourself). Have we mentioned that these SPIDERS… wait for it… HAVE LASER SWORDS?
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 6 615
Number of Owners: 29
Number of Players: 11
Completists: 0
Completists %: 0%
Number of Achievements: 29
Average Achievement Value: 228.1

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (29)

Available achievements
What did you expect
Pick 'Nothing' perk 258
Was it worth it?
Reach the secret area in the lobby 258
Please stop...
Get to wave 70 in Survival 258
Master of Heck
Complete 27 Tiers of Heck challenges 258
Little bit of everything!
Get 10 different perks in Survival 258
Knight of Heck
Complete 18 Tiers of Heck challenges 258
I'll try spinning
Hold the web for 5 seconds 258
Handle with care
Damage someone with an unequipped Death Ray 258
Congratulations, you win.
Get to wave 50 in Survival 258
Make the biggest single explosion possible 258
Warrior of Heck
Complete 9 Tiers of Heck challenges 246
Damage 4 characters in one explosion 246
How are you still alive?
Get to wave 36 in Survival 246
Don't let go
Damage someone with an unequipped Laser Canon 235
Still Standing
Get to wave 18 in Survival 223
Should be dead by now!
Get to wave 27 in Survival 223
Living Mine
Attach a mine to a living character 223
Intern of Heck
Complete 3 Tiers of Heck challenges 223
I like it here
Choose the same map again 223
Get a level 2 perk in Survival 223
The Training Begins
Complete 1 Tiers of Heck challenge 202
Like in the simulations
Hit a reflected shot 202
Environmental Warfare
Have an ai enemy die to the death zone 202
9th Wave of Heck
Get to wave 9 in Survival 202
That Awkward First Game
Complete a game of Versus 191
Don't do it
Find the beginning of the secret lobby area 191
Just a Taste
Get your first perk in Survival 181
Get a draw 181
Watch your step!
Die in the death zone while in the lobby 172

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