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All Games -> The DioField Chronicle Trophy Set
Playstation 5Game Info

The DioField Chronicle Trophy Set

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Platforms PS5
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 6 170
Number of Owners: 4
Number of Players: 4
Completists: 0
Completists %: 0%
Number of Achievements: 40
Average Achievement Value: 154.25

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (40)

Available achievements
Ultimate Mastery
Raise a character's level to 50. 162
Spend 100,000 guld. 162
Skeleton Slayer
Defeat a Skeletal Dragon. 162
Salamander Slayer
Defeat a Salamander. 162
Proficient Tactician
Acquire 50 bonus rewards from missions. 162
Overwhelming Force
Deal 1,500 or more damage with one attack. 162
Ouroboros Slayer
Defeat an Ouroboros. 162
Acquire 1,000,000 guld. 162
Master of DioField
Obtain all trophies. 162
Legendary Tactician
Acquire 100 bonus rewards from missions. 162
Legendary Soldier
Defeat 500 enemies. 162
Good Commander
Acquire 25 Blue Fox badges. 162
Fall from Grace
Complete chapter five. 162
Excising the Corrupt
Complete chapter four. 162
Collect 15 types of weapon in a category. 162
Coeurl Slayer
Defeat a Coeurl. 162
Acquire 7 skills for any unit type. 162
Burgeoning Might
Raise a character's level to 30. 162
Bolstered Force
Recruit Donovar, Chappleman, and Zoruaq. 162
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Complete chapter three. 162
A New King Rises
Complete chapter six. 162
A Fragile Peace
Complete the game. 162
Victory Goes to the Indomitable
Use the Battle Log. 153
Looming Tragedy
Complete chapter two. 153
Unlock 4 Engravings for any Magilumic Orb. 153
Steady Progress
Complete chapter one. 145
Forewarned is Forearmed
Develop a weapon. 145
Efficient Dispatch
Defeat 5 or more enemies at once. 145
Comrades in Arms
Revive an incapacitated ally. 145
An Ace in the Hole
Conduct Magilumic Orb research. 145
Ready the Troops
Purchase a weapon. 143
Proven Skill
Acquire an ability. 143
Fully Fledged Fox
Defeat 100 enemies. 143
Fledgling Tactician
Acquire 10 bonus rewards from missions. 143
Finishing Touches
Purchase an accessory. 143
Bonds of Friendship
Complete a Character Quest. 143
Training and Results
Acquire a skill on the Skill Tree. 141
Perks of the Job
Acquire a treasure chest. 141
Gigas Slayer
Defeat a Gigas. 141
Covert Operations
Complete a Sub Quest. 141

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