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All Games -> Waste Life 1 消耗阳寿1
SteamGame Info

Waste Life 1 消耗阳寿1

更多游戏内容,请关注哔哩哔哩电线杆工作室 For more game content, please follow Bilibili TPole Studio 游戏介绍: Game introduction: 这是一款既无聊又没有剧情也没有关卡还没有紧张刺激的特效,甚至也没有音效的打砖块(内置29首战歌) It's a boring game with no story, no levels, no nerve-racking effects, and no sound effects(29 built-in battle songs) 请不要对游戏有过高的期待,这只是我零基础教学的试水案例,没有游戏玩法,纯属娱乐 Please do not have too high expectations for the game, this is just a test case of my zero-based teaching, no game play, pure entertainment 有兴趣的玩家可以体验一下消耗阳寿的乐趣,当然了本作小球速度极快,难度极高,正常情况能到满分256可不容易 Interested players can experience the fun of consumption of Yang life, of course, this game ball speed is extremely fast, extremely difficult, normal conditions can reach a full 256 is not easy 获得256分的朋友带上ID截图发给我,可以免费获取第二代激活码 If you get 256 points, send me your ID screenshot and you can get the second generation activation code for free 这个游戏会一直不断完善更新,大家如果有任何建议或者bug反馈随时欢迎,有建议反馈我都会尝试实现,现在是学习阶段需要不断地探索,游戏确实极其无聊,甚至不算一款游戏,但我会尽力完善,并且下一代一定更强! If you have any suggestions or bug feedback, I will try to realize it. Now it is a learning stage and I need to explore constantly. The game is indeed extremely boring, and it is not even a game, but I will try my best to improve it, and the next generation will be stronger! 试玩DEMO几乎包含了正式版的全部内容,请先玩DEMO,想要支持一下再付款购买,谢谢! The DEMO contains almost all the contents of the official version. Please play DEMO first and pay for it if you want to support it. Thank you! 此游戏所得所有资金均将用在下一代产品开发上 All the money raised from the game will be used to fund the next generation of product development
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Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 1 251
Number of Owners: 3
Number of Players: 1
Completists: 1
Completists %: 33.33%
Number of Achievements: 9
Average Achievement Value: 139

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Achievements (9)

Available achievements
Try Again
Try Again 139
Play Music
Play Music 139
Pause Music
Pause Music 139
Pause 139
Menu 139
First Blood
Open the game for the first time 139
Developer Blessing
Open the game for the first time 139
Continue 139
Blessing Of The Developer Studio
Open the game for the first time 139

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