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SteamGame Info


BABBDI is a short, first person exploration experience with light narrative and platforming elements. Visit the town of BABBDI, a forsaken district in the outer ring of the megalopolis. Meet its inhabitants and discover how to escape. You will find various items unlocking special movement abilities, such as the baseball bat, the pickaxe and the motorcycle. Secret collectible objects can be found all around town. There is no combat in BABBDI. Move set : Press space to Jump Press shift to Sprint Press C to Crouch Press C while sprinting to Slide Left Click to Use items Hold Right Click to Zoom Press E to Interact or Throw items. Press F12 to take a screenshot. (screenshots will be saved to your picture folder in addition to the steam screenshots)
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 5 581
Number of Owners: 1 032
Number of Players: 177
Completists: 93
Completists %: 9.01%
Number of Achievements: 10
Average Achievement Value: 558.1

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (10)

Available achievements
Social quest
Interact with everyone in the town of Babbdi 816
Secrets master
Get all secret objects in the town of Babbdi 786
Way of the rusher
Finish the game under 4 minutes 756
Way of the seducer
Impress the girl next to the church with the bike 540
Way of the biker
Do a 360° with the motorbike 540
Way of the climber
Climb your way through Babbdi and reach the highest peak 507
Flat face
Get hit by a train 445
Melancholic departure
Leave the town of Babbdi 430
Babbdi quest
Find a ticket in order to leave the town of babbdi 408
Doggo friendly
Play ball with the dog 353

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