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PlayStation 2Game Info
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Platforms R.A
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 3 852
Number of Owners: 4
Number of Players: 3
Completists: 2
Completists %: 50%
Number of Achievements: 28
Average Achievement Value: 137.57

Social Interaction:

PlayStation 2
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Achievements (28)

Available achievements
Wear the Cod of War outfit 138
Wizard of War
Collect 18 Phoenix Feathers (Spartan or Higher) 138
Who Else but Kratos?
Find the women in Rhodes and do what gods do best 138
Urn of Prometheus
Receive the Urn of Prometheus 138
Urn of Olympus
Receive the Urn of Olympus 138
Urn of Gaia
Receive the Urn of Gaia 138
Upgrade Chronos' Rage to level 3 (Spartan or Higher) 138
The Wisdom of Athena Cuts Deep
Upgrade the Blades of Athena to level 5 (Spartan or Higher) 138
The Man with the Golden Fleece
Obtain the Golden Fleece 138
Shake it like a Painted Potted Picture
Upgrade Atlas' Quake to level 3 (Spartan or Higher) 138
Say Hello to My Bodiless Friend
Upgrade Euryale's Head to level 3 (Spartan or Higher) 138
Pythagoras's Little Counter
Get a hit combo of 130 or more (God or Higher, no infinite health or infinite rage) 138
Pulling on the Bowstrings
Upgrade Thypon's Bane to level 3 (Spartan or Higher) 138
Party Tricks
Obtain the Magic Gift from Gaia 138
Let the Fleece Guide You
Defeat Euryale without being turned to stone (resets on death) (God or above) 138
Home Made Soup
Obtain the Health Gift from Gaia 138
He Won't Be Back
Defeat the Barbarian King...again 138
Heads Up
Defeat Euryale 138
Gorgon Keepsakes
Collect 12 Gorgon Eyes (Spartan or Higher) 138
Free Your Horses
Ride the Steeds of Time 138
Floor Ice Cream Gives You Health
Obtain Icarus' Wings 138
Father of Mine
Defeat Zeus and return back in time to receive help from the Titans 138
Destiny's Child
Defeat all three sisters of Fate 138
Cowards Hide Amongst Men
Defeat Perceus 138
BFG: Big Friendly Giant
Befriend Atlas and return to the Great Chasm 138
Arise Chicken, Arise
Defeat the Kraken and ride atop the Phoenix 138
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!
Obtain Typhon's Bane 133
The Bigger they Are...
Defeat the Colossus of Rhodes 131

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