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SteamGame Info

I Won't Forget Hue

Mystery of the multi-coloured glasses: I Won’t Forget Hue is a first-person, psychedelic thriller game. Disorganized and alone, a woman finds herself crafting new glasses in order to view her own home through a different lens. Throughout the home, you will go searching for new and different coloured lenses, while the house seems to be alive and ever-changing around you. You have the ability to craft new glasses, making you able to see even more of the seemingly multi-coloured house. During your journey through the house, you will hear many noises that seem impossible to explain. But these noises have a cause, only you can’t see them, yet. But once you see them using the correct glasses, they will see you too. Chasing you down the hallways, not letting you have any rest in this altering house. Gameplay: In I Won’t Forget Hue, you will be walking around the narrow hallways and rooms of a dark, old house. But while you explore this mansion, you find that you might not be alone. Different glasses cause the house around you to change. Once the evil finds you looking around, it will chase you all over. You must find a way to use the colours to your advantage, to find new parts and figure out what how to hide from the evil. All while you try to figure out what happened to the rest of your family. But beware as the game progresses, the evil increases. Play alone in this 3D single player game. Find and use the coloured lenses and torn painting pieces. Switch between the different coloured lenses on your glasses to see new parts of the mansion, but also see the evil that hides within it. Stay out of sight when in colour, and find ways to hide from the enemies. Try different types of strategies to discover and progress. Key Features: Living enemies: Enemies listen to your sounds and movements, and will chase you when seen. Psychedelic thriller: Experience colours which cause the surroundings around you to change. 3D horror adventure gaming experience Hide and Sneak: Sneak, hide and move around while staying out of the enemies grasp. Rediscovery: Walk through the same areas, but see and discover new changes every time. Collecting: Find all the torn painting pieces and coloured lenses throughout the mansion. I Won’t Forget Hue is being actively developed by a team of seventeen students. We need your feedback to make I Won’t Forget Hue the great game we want it to be for the players. Get in touch with us via the community Discord, social media or e-mail to tell us what you think and we *will* get back to you!
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 1 885
Number of Owners: 80
Number of Players: 5
Completists: 3
Completists %: 3.75%
Number of Achievements: 10
Average Achievement Value: 188.5

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (10)

Available achievements
I Donut Forget Hue
Reach the Painting Room with the Donut 202
Reach the Painting Room without Dying 192
Look through the Magenta Lenses 192
I am speed
Reach the Painting Room in 5 minutes 192
Find the truth
Reach the Painting Room 192
Look through the Yellow Lenses 183
Who did this?
Acquire your next Painting Piece 183
Play the piano 183
Look through the Cyan Lenses 183
Acquire all hidden Painting Pieces 183

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