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All Games -> Witchcrafty (Windows)
WindowsGame Info

Witchcrafty (Windows)

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Platforms Win
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 4 417
Number of Owners: 7
Number of Players: 7
Completists: 2
Completists %: 28.57%
Number of Achievements: 29
Average Achievement Value: 152.31

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (29)

Available achievements
Yer a wizard
Leave the village 155
Witch Shard
Collect first mana shard 155
Witch Heart
Collect all mana shards 155
Well-organized mind
Learn all spells 155
Learn lightning bolt 155
The Descent
Enter the Mines 155
Terror Peak
Enter the Fire Fields 155
Buy everything 155
Justice form above
Learn meteor 155
Jim, Drunken Octo
Defeat the Drunken Octo 155
Jake Wandervalt
Defeat Jake 155
Jake the Cat
Meet Jake 155
Into the Woods
Enter the Forest 155
Ice and chilly
Learn frostbolt 155
Haunted Mansion
Enter the Castle 155
Goblin Twins
Defeat the Goblin Twins 155
Frozen Throne
Enter the Desolation 155
Forest Shard
Collect first health shard 155
Forest Heart
Collect all health shards 155
Learn firedash 155
Dave, Mushroom Baron
Defeat the Mushroom Baron 155
Darker than black
Meet Dark Witch 155
Nobody Tosses A Dwarf!
Meet gnome merchant 141
Meet the Flymaster 141
Why Is It When Something Happens...
Meet the High One 137
Allow me to introduce myself
Meet Mr. Satyr 137

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