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Playstation 4Game Info

Pursuit Force

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Platforms PS4
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 5 136
Number of Owners: 11
Number of Players: 9
Completists: 4
Completists %: 36.36%
Number of Achievements: 31
Average Achievement Value: 165.68

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (31)

Available achievements
With More Rank Comes More Responsibility
Earn the rank of lieutenant. 169
What's a Captain without Their Hat?
Earn the rank of captain. 169
Taking Down an Oni
Take out the Killer 66 lieutenant, “Sudeko Arakawa.” 169
Short Fused
Take out the Convicts lieutenant, “Billy Wilde.” 169
See You in Court
Arrest 20 gang members during Career mode cases. 169
Pursuit Force Elite
Earn the rank of commander. 169
Not Sly Enough
Take out the Vixens lieutenant, “The Fox.” 169
New Set of Wheels
Unlock 10 vehicles through good performance in Career mode cases. 169
Lived Long Enough to Become the Villain
End the threat of the Warlords gang. 169
I Major in Pursuits
Earn the rank of major. 169
Hold the Cannoli
End the threat of the Capelli Family gang. 169
General Failure
Take out the Warlords lieutenant, “Lieutenant Davies.” 169
Freedom Squandered
End the threat of the Convicts gang. 169
Femme Fatale
End the threat of the Vixens gang. 169
Exemplary Service
Unlock all trophies in Pursuit Force. 169
Enjoy the Sea Breeze
Park in a parking space in Corsair Bay. 169
Dragon's Fury
End the threat of the Killer 66 gang. 169
Citizen's Assist
Commandeer a civilian vehicle during a Career mode case. 169
Bad with Directions
Go the wrong way in any game mode. 169
Appreciating the Arts
View 5 unique images in the Gallery. 169
What's the Rush?
Earn the best time in any Time Trial. 162
Number One Henchman
Get 1st in any race in Race mode. 162
Officer No More
Earn the rank of sergeant. 160
Lethal Efficiency
Perform a Fatality ×3 combo during any Career mode case. 160
It'll Buff Out
Perform a Brute Force ×3 combo during any Career mode case. 160
Impressive Report
Earn an A rating in any Career mode case. 160
Impound King
Capture 20 gang vehicles during Career mode cases. 160
Bullet Time!
Perform a Justice Shot during any Career mode case. 160
All Washed Up
Take out the Capelli Family lieutenant, "Deadeye." 160
Second Wind
Use Full Justice to recover your health or vehicle durability during any Career mode case. 157
Kicked off the Pursuit Force
Fail a Career mode case. 155

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