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Enter the Battleground of the Gods Join 35+ million players in SMITE, the world’s most popular action multiplayer online battle arena. Become a legend of myth, enter the Battleground of the Gods, and play FREE now! Unleash each deity’s unique strategies, legendary weapons, and earth-shattering powers. Rain lightning down upon your foes as Zeus, assassinate from the shadows as Loki, or transform and trick your foes as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Which God will you choose? Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE puts you directly onto the battlefield with a third-person action viewpoint. From blind-side ambushes to aimed shots, a new pantheon of strategic possibilities awaits. Never played a battle arena before? Don’t worry. Auto-buy, auto-level, and the deathmatch-like Arena mode let you jump right into divine MOBA action. Aspiring pro? Top the ladders, join a competitive team, and you too could be playing at the SMITE World Championship.
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Player Rankings: Merged , Xbox Live , Steam , PSN
Current Game Meta Value: XBL 492 770STM 495 701PSN 47 840
Number of Owners: XBL 490STM 3 131PSN 382
Number of Players: XBL 488STM 1 311PSN 207
Completists: XBL(0.2%)STM(0.06%)PSN(2.36%)
Number of Achievements: XBL 284STM 281PSN 41
Average Achievement Value: XBL 1735.11STM 1764.06PSN 1166.83

Social Interaction:

Xbox Live
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Achievements (281)

Available achievements
Ffcf3dfee8d754e2d23efbbd2d46c094cb61e7c6 Shattered Mind
As Cthulhu reach full stacks of Sanity Break in a single match. 2421
Accc5ef72e6345b3840760ded85c53296ac75895 The Crowd Cheers!
As Achilles, heal 12 times in a single use of Radiant Glory. 2336
1e369e4a7fc4041ecf4b2b6eaae2720cd527c2f0 Bringing Down the Law
As Tyr kill fifteen enemy gods with the damage from Lawbringer. 2332
B404e91fb2d6527221289f0d351c575f59f634c9 Far Seeing Sight
As Heimdallr, hit an enemy with Piercing Sight after it has traveled more than 200 ft. 2328
E4dd918c69b911e7ea87075f7fe8894a2f0518b8 The Power of the Heart
As Cupid Kill three or more gods with the damage from Heart Bomb. 2325
Cd28e701e4ce6c11444daa91a74c7540ddbaccd1 Fury of the Desert
As Anhur kill three enemies with a single Desert Fury 2324
A107da5212a5868b402a77f115626d0ad86116b9 Eternal Ruler
As Olorun, with a single ability use, kill two enemies within Sanctified Field 2324
13e27d4f5087498a9774c5986e5290a235cb5009 Baby Smash
As Vamana get a triple kill using your Colossal Fury Ability. 2321
48aeebe9e17ef39c7818b7e6d89e266d7b5faa6f You Thought You Had Me?
As Kali get two kills in a single match while using Destruction when you're under 10% health. 2313
25f57762b6cab26cb92435fd3aff154f5a71d926 Whisper of the Old Gods
As Cthulhu, drive each enemy god insane at least once during a single match. 2313
3f6b902723f2880a7cd616439fdcab7d99f10bcc Bird Bomb
As Odin kill fifteen enemies in a single match using Ravenshout and Lunge together. 2313
5cdfd40b4c9644c0d0a92fff13e8e35dca9b2a1b Searing Steal
As Ra, use Searing Pain to steal the Fire Giant from your opponents. 2306
8cdc8644f5705cea115f7ba34f9763c65b4c9b2f From All Angles
As Set, hit 3 different gods with your spawn with a single instance of Skewer 2305
654d51037dc01c09cb159fb4ccba3c940e7d57b9 Detonate
As Zeus kill three or more enemy gods who have three charges on them with Detonate. 2305
8808bcf0ac335c78de8581472bb816ab6a0e51dc 3 for 3
As Chiron get a triple kill while in your ultimate, Centaurus. 2305
Fcb1dedc31d4f606a1bf3cd09ab44860368beb55 Where we dropping?
As Horus use 'To The Skies!' and take at least 3 allied gods with you. 2301
7bb2f9802a701a2c0d08e451bf2e35fe47dcb7de Fabricated Destiny
As Olorun, reach the maximum critical hit chance possible with Touch of Fate 2301
Ca38c7a3d1e55aaeeaab7f1e9882f2d3a4c2bba7 Journey Through the Realms
As Heimdallr, kill 3 enemy gods by sending them through Muspelheim and Niflheim. 2298
F3a0e14726d462b1eefff67890e786782130a1c6 Weapon Mastery S
As Mulan, win a match with all weapons fully mastered. 2294
49499eb1dea786638a94eb06144a2b099702e66b The Cabin
As Baba Yaga, gain 50 stacks on your items in a single game, utilizing the power from your Cabin. 2294
1b9d77f18f0889f6c7d2597769c16e3a57dc1af8 Got Nuts?
As Ratatoskr stun three or more opponents at once with Acorn Blast. 2294
9009f729c3a2b0574ab433c1a52ebda1e2d29cd1 The Perfect Brew
As Baba Yaga, use a brewed potion that is 5 of the same type of ingredient. 2283
90651fa5098642bcfad8f01bc661ee1d86d3391a Whirlwind
As KuKulkan kill three or more enemy gods with one Whirlwind 2279
C7f0ab10f0aaa51dd9734a43b06d5bfd0baabb39 Toxic Veins
As Jormungandr, fully charge Consuming Bellow and kill 2 enemies with it. 2271
5bba567abca877fc15021388e42846765ee5e507 Skill Shot
As Nu Wa get 100 kills with Fire Shards. 2260
9acefa2e2b97d37a19574aa84653ce79ccd82db0 Mounted Archery
As Hachiman, hit 5 enemy Gods with one use of his ultimate, Mounted Archery. 2260
500131a1705b009b562f28e1dbc27df9a6c28b6b Invigorate
As Artio reach full stacks on her Invigoration, the passive effect of her Shape shift ability. 2256
Bb6adb5868ef05c576340ed4a6aaf202757e2080 Get Erupted!
As Pele, hit at least one enemy god with each ring of Eruption in a single ability use. 2249
C5ec12dfd1d4964da0ba35e39f551ca58ff30d7a Turbulent Waters
As Yemoja, deal damage to 3 or more enemies in a single use of River's Rebuke. 2245
4144e2bcb51cb1355100da5199ed1451b5bed268 Feel the Rush
As Ravana kill ten enemies with the damage from your ultimate. 2234
7dd78b84a85ef49772d11420fa6e6192f5cf7512 Trick Shot
As Hou Yi hit a different enemy god on all three bounces of one Ricochet. 2230
29254160b013ea62cf17d0c788bac65ba5ad9e74 Corpses aka Landmines
As Ah Puch blow up and hit an enemy with 6 corpses in one cast of Corpse Explosion. 2230
2187ddc7f061c55059e9bcd0bec8ca03b194f9b7 Argus to the Rescue!
As Hera, have Argus get 2 kills in a single lifetime. 2230
1984fdb126f05c8958f04c03face516f328b8913 A Mighty Sword
As Ao Kuang execute an enemy God who's been ulted by Khepri. 2226
1ad41a410bd30412af0df344e457f58636fdca3f True Nightmare
As Chernobog, kill 2 gods after landing and buffed by Living Nightmare. 2222
03a7f427147af6b0ece6e889e05e8cfabffab112 The Legend of Excalibur
As King Arthur, cast Excalibur's Fury and Sundering Strike within 10 seconds of each other. 2222
73d74d389ce6a1bf6c5cc81601f64c7122395f1c The Hands of Time
As Chronos get a kill with each quadrant in your passive, Wheel of Time. 2211
0abc349e5c4b81a23739befb9f1c906768b98db0 Two for One
As Mulan, hit 2 enemies with all three strikes of Divine Mastery in a single ability use. 2204
Ac9dd9f1044911692d791f59d497ac6ebdf3d16b Dragon’s Wrath
As KuKulkan kill an enemy at full health using only Spirit of the Nine Winds. 2204
565d07538f1bf9c60a02cca45a1cf2242a68159d Fatally Struck!
As Achilles get 2 or more executes with a single use of his Fatal Strike Ability. 2197
Bd5bbef7cd54b550b1ba9d45cf79ee54c4a4ace7 Narrow Escape
As Thoth use Evade and Punish to kill an enemy god while you are at 25% or lower HP. 2193
0204cb680707fdecb099e1d47e43f6d40f318d7b 3v3
As Morrigan hit 3 enemy gods at the same time with her Deadly Aspects ability. 2185
6212643daaf945195060c045e686d32ddd3c3a0a Stay in the Circle
As Isis heal three or more allies and kill an enemy using Circle of Protection. 2174
2632966db549a62234af236398f784579c65e171 Rise of the Spawn
As Set, control 6 spawn at one time. 2170
54d2c2115fdee251768a73f6ce5e9db822182fd6 Two Chains? Nah, Five.
As Ares hit and pull five enemy gods at once with no escape. 2167
5f9bb4b10cc2c99121d537cc5620e71cff63e3f1 Omi Mastery
As Yemoja, gain 3 extra Omi in a single match. 2167
9978114b12ffae9ff3d77437c1d1c9200e9a67da Number 1 Stunnah
As Hachiman, stun 2 enemy Gods with one use of his Iaijutsu Ability. 2167
C844d2dd6f425bb9c3c37f2c958b7f6936395162 Fear of the Night
As Chernobog utilize your Crystallized Curses and Vicious Barrage combo to root 3 enemy Gods at once. 2156
90ee697825e92a6359342a831df47a961c2455cc You Go Boom!
As Ymir, kill three enemy gods at once with your Ultimate, Shards of Ice. 2152
390f8bd8d75f4c3b01e08a7ca328f12ec2d5ab33 Master Harvester
As Persephone, accumulate 150 Pomegranate Seeds over the course of a single match. 2152

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