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All Games -> Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend!
SteamGame Info

Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend!

Creature Clicker is a new take on the Clicker genre, taking inspiration from Clicker Heroes and Pokemon it builds on both elements, you can capture and collect creatures, level them up to make them do more DPS and ascend them into new creatures and variations You start the game by selecting an egg and incubating it by killing enemies, everytime you kill an enemy you have a 1 / 10 chance of capturing it and having it as a pet that will do constant DPS to enemies so you have help clicking. As your creatures level up you can then ascend them into stronger forms and unlock special versions of them by completing challenges Latest Update: Every hour you will unlock a random creature in your steam inventory of varying levels which you can trade or sell on the Steam Marketplace As you creatures grow up they will get tougher and you will be able to use your hard earned cash to purchase upgrades and abilities. You can also equip armour and weapons on your creatures to further boost your DPS and beat those high level bosses which appear every 12 levels and must be beaten within 60 seconds or you will not be able to progress to the higher levels until they are beat, this will sometimes mean going back a few levels to further level and ascend your creatures and then come back and beat them when you are bigger and stronger! Each boss drops a soul stone which are used to Ascend your creatures to their next tier level and acts as a rebirth system for extra DPS, your Dragon grows up in stages of an egg, baby, juvenile, adolescant and adult. each time they ascend they get stronger and stronger You can even build a farm on your land that you can build Stables, Townhouses, Vineyards and other structures that all help towards your DPS
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 487 726
Number of Owners: 1 161
Number of Players: 497
Completists: 65
Completists %: 5.6%
Number of Achievements: 744
Average Achievement Value: 655.55
Unobtainable Achievements: 11

Social Interaction:

Comments (2)

Achievements (733)
All Unobtainable (11)
Removed (2)

Available achievements
Collect Them All 3
Unlock 3 creatures in your steam inventory 2784
Collect Them All 2
Unlock 2 creatures in your steam inventory 2784
Collect Them All 1
Unlock a creature in your steam inventory 2772
Variant Collector 10
Own a Stegoberg 1766
Loyal Tamer
Unlock Nightcrest Sakkarasu 1766
Loyal Bond
Complete a Loyalty Challenge 1766
Challenge Accepted 10
Complete the Stegoberg Variant Challenge 1766
Variant Collector 13
Own a Tronet 1757
Variant Collector 12
Own a Sakkarasu 1757
Challenge Accepted 13
Complete the Tronet Variant Challenge 1757
Challenge Accepted 12
Complete the Sakkarasu Variant Challenge 1757
Variant Collector 8
Own a Catastere 1747
Variant Collector 5
Own an Ignitiorant 1743
Challenge Accepted 5
Complete the Ignitiorant Variant Challenge 1743
Variant Collector 9
Own a Malana 1738
Variant Collector 7
Own a Ratasha 1728
Variant Collector 11
Own a Malinawa 1728
Legendary Tamer
Own a Legendary Creature 1728
Challenge Accepted 9
Complete the Malana Variant Challenge 1728
Challenge Accepted 8
Complete the Catastere Variant Challenge 1728
Challenge Accepted 7
Complete the Ratasha Variant Challenge 1728
Challenge Accepted 11
Complete the Legendary Malinawa Variant Challenge 1728
Variant Collector 6
Own a Tyranakurao 1724
Variant Collector 2
Own a Glacevis 1705
Variant Collector 1
Own a Voltevis 1705

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