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All Games -> Roots Need Control 3.0
SteamGame Info

Roots Need Control 3.0

A coalition of large corporations trying to destroy the root flowers is invading Daejeon. Protect the root flowers. It's not going to be easy. Because... Roots Need Control. Roots Need Control 3.0 is a root defense game that requires protecting root flowers from large corporate coalition forces that threaten root flowers. Use CrossHair to destroy enemies who threaten root flowers and shorten the growing roots to keep them alive. The goal of this game is to get 100% progress. The length of the root changes the number of enemies produced and the speed of the enemy and CrossHair. Make your roots at least short! Over time, persistent and threatening enemies appear. It's destroyed at once, but once hit, it's fatal. Get rid of your enemies quickly! Avoid red rain at the top, and avoid missiles by adjusting the length of the roots at the bottom. Through the 2-player mode, one person protects the roots, and one person defeats the enemies!
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 2 988
Number of Owners: 1
Number of Players: 0
Completists: 0
Completists %: 0%
Number of Achievements: 18
Average Achievement Value: 166

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (18)

Available achievements
Why already?
Get your first game over at 5% progress. 166
We're almost there..
Get your first game over at 98% progress. 166
umbrella defense
Use CrossHair to block red droplets from the blood cloud. 166
Tank Destroyed 80 Count!
You destroyed 80 Tanks. 166
Sejong is ROOTS Future
You've cleared the Sejong City stage. 166
Rocket Destoryed MAX Count!
You destroyed 120 rockets. 166
Rocket Destoryed 60 Count!
You destroyed 60 rockets. 166
Rocket Destoryed 30 Count!
You destroyed 30 rockets. 166
Protection, automatic, lost.
Enable auto mode. But don't rely on it. 166
Jet Destroyed 200 Count!!
You destroyed 200 Jets. 166
It's only the beginning.
Get your first game over at 25% progress. 166
I'm halfway there.
Get your first game over at 48% progress. 166
Good Bye! and See you again.
you exit the game. 166
First Underground Rocket Destroyed.
Destroy Rocket for the first time in play. 166
First Roots Tank
Destroy Tank for the first time in play. 166
First Battle in Air
Destroy Battle Jet for the first time in play. 166
Daejeon is ROOTS is U
You've cleared the Daejeon stage. 166
all ways Incheon. The Future of ROOTS.
You've cleared the Incheon stage. 166

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