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All Games -> YinYang Street Ultimate Edition
SteamGame Info

YinYang Street Ultimate Edition

The story of YinYang Street takes place in a border town in the 1980s. Our protagonist Minglai Li is a soldier fighting to defend his country. He runs into a series of strange things and finds his beloved wife missing when he comes home. Where used to be warm and sweet is now full of mysteries, which lead to a place called YinYang Street. Is this a coincidence or a conspiracy? Minglai Li has no time to think about it. All he could do is rush to YinYang Street and explore the bottomless abyss... The hand-painted art style originated from 1980s will lead you on a nostalgic journey. The complex relationships and five connected chapters will show you a story with ups and downs. Simple puzzles plus exciting escapes will ensure a deep immersion and trigger your fears. Hello everyone, we’re an indie development team from Yunnan, China. YinYang Street is an indie horror game set in Yunnan and will be released in late August 2023. We hope all of you will enjoy this game when it’s out. We welcome any valuable advice that can help us become better. Best regards!
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 3 465
Number of Owners: 1
Number of Players: 1
Completists: 1
Completists %: 100%
Number of Achievements: 21
Average Achievement Value: 165

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (21)

Available achievements
Yinyang Street
Finish Chapter 3. 165
Wooden fish?!
Get special item Wooden Fish. 165
Wha... what's that?
Killed by Crimson for the first time. 165
Story matters
Finish the game on Easy. 165
Puzzle master
Finish the game on Normal. 165
Mystery of Tianma
Finish Chapter 1. 165
Millennium of Duan
Finish Chapter 2. 165
Long way home
Finish Prologue. 165
Knowledgeable Gangster
Solve the combination to the cabnet in the treasure room in Tianma Village. 165
King of gamblers
Play Three-card Brag in Changle Lane. 165
Kill Liu Yao. 165
Is money all it takes?
Buy all the info from All-knowing. 165
Info master
Finish Duan Huixin's sub-quest on Yinyang Street. 165
Got the wrong person?
Finish Liu Yao's sub-quest on Yinyang Street. 165
Future is here
Finish Chapter 4. 165
Clear Evocation mini game. (Don't skip.) 165
Evil's end
Seal Crimson. 165
Dance of marionette
Clear music box mini game. (Don't skip.) 165
Chess saint
Have 1 chess piece left in the middle of chessboard at the end in Kongming chess game. (Don't skip.) 165
Chess master
Have more than 1 but no more than 3 chess pieces left at the end in Kongming chess game. (Don't skip.) 165
Chess beginner
Have more than 3 but no more than 5 chess pieces left at the end in Kongming chess game. (Don't skip.) 165

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