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((Warning: This game contains quick flashing light)) Artificial intelligence is all the rage nowadays! You can't walk down the block without someone saying "AI this!" or "AI that!". What does it all mean? The future seems so uncertain!? If only there was some way to get away from it all, return to a simpler time, a time where we could live without fear of AI generate images' or LLVM induced singularity's cold, silicon breadth pouring down the back of our neck, and retreat to some good old homegrown software. Software that takes us back to a carefree time... an AI free time... ChatBBT proposes to simulate just this innocence we've all been pining for, and ChatBBT is powered by THE most cutting edge AI to bring you the experience of conversing with the epitome of innocence itself: A baby. Features: Ask ChatBBT all the questions you've been dying to ask a baby since your foregone infancy Acquaint yourself with Binderclipply: ChatBBT's built in assistant Customize your profile Become hyperfixated on the graveyard that is progress Take a look at the Q&A section (maybe there's some helpful stuff there) Confront your own mortality Maybe think about upgrading to a premium membership? Wrestle with your lack of free will Rate ChatBBT responses, providing feedback so we can improve this top of the line baby technology Plunge headfirst into the mystic visions you always knew God would provide you with
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 167
Number of Owners: 86
Number of Players: 10
Completists: 10
Completists %: 11.63%
Number of Achievements: 1
Average Achievement Value: 167

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (1)

Available achievements
Another Beginning
Achieve serenity. 167

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