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All Games -> Holo X Break
SteamGame Info

Holo X Break

It was your usual daily life over at hololive HQ in Holo City, until one day their CEO mysteriously disappears! Moments later, a nefarious organization who called themselves "holoX, the Secret Society" announces their plans to take over the world! Play as the talents of the Vtuber group Hololive to fight your way through the minions of holoX and put a stop to their plans in this classic style beat-em-up! -Play as different talents of hololive, such as the talents of Generation 5's "NePoLaBo", each equipped with their own unique abilities and super attacks! -Find various kinds of equipment that will change the way you play each time! -Use quick consumable defensive or offensive items to change the tide of battle -Fight action packed boss battles against the members of holoX -Up to 4 players local with online in an upcoming update -Easy to pick up and get right into the action -Challenge harder difficulties that will put your skills to the test! -The "X" in the title is silent. This game is published under CCMC Corp(※1)'s Indie game brand "holo Indie".(※2) This game is allowed to be monetized under the examination and terms of "holo Indie". Please note that any monetized derivative work games that include Cover Corp.'s content outside of holo Indie is not covered by these terms and is not allowed. ※1. About CCMC Corp. CCMC Corp. is entrusted with website management (ex: steam) including, examination, publishing and other necessary tasks by Cover Corp. ※2. About "holo Indie" holo Indie's objective is to cooperate with hololive production fans and creators. It is a game brand that offers "Game Creator Support Program" for the derivative work games. For more details about "holo Indie", Please refer to the Cover Corp.'s "Derivative work guidelines".
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Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 8 776
Number of Owners: 176
Number of Players: 16
Completists: 1
Completists %: 0.57%
Number of Achievements: 21
Average Achievement Value: 417.9

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (21)

Available achievements
This Game Too?
Complete all achievements. 458
Please Like and Subscribe
Earn more than 100,000 subscribers 458
No Mercy
Apply FROZEN, BURN, and POISON on 1 enemy. 458
No Dislikes
Clear a run with less than 100 dislikes. 458
Clear Hard Mode. 458
Gotta Go Fast
Clear a run in 50 minutes. 458
Combo Breaker
Reach a 30 KO-Chain. 458
Defeat a boss without ever being knocked down. 443
Holo Artists Assemble
Unlock 100 emotes. 443
Clear a run without spending any HoloCoins at all. 443
Whole Again
Save Ollie. 428
Please Just Sell Them
Fill out the entire equipment inventory. 428
I Love Art
Unlock 50 emotes. 428
Thanks Again!
Watch the credits to the end. 413
Can't Be Too Sure
Fill all 5 slots of inventory with only Healing items. 413
Clear Story Mode. 384
Get Some...Assistance
Upgrade an equipment to level 15. 384
Thanks RNG
Enhance a Rare equipment into S. Rare 370
Reach 50 in one stat. 370
Loot Grinder
Wear a full set of S.Rare equipment. 356
Say Hi To My Friends
Bring 5+ Followers into a boss fight. 267

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