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All Games -> Alina of the Arena
Playstation 4Game Info

Alina of the Arena

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Platforms PS4
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 7 128
Number of Owners: 1
Number of Players: 1
Completists: 0
Completists %: 0%
Number of Achievements: 42
Average Achievement Value: 169.71

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (42)

Available achievements
You're Bleeding
Stack more than 30 Bleed on a single target 170
Weapon of Gods
Upgrade one weapon 5 times 170
Underground Arena
Conquer the Underground Arena 170
This is Going to Hurt
Deal more than 300 damage in a single attack 170
They're Just Rocks
Hurl a Gemstone 170
The Warrior
Complete a run as a Warrior 170
The Slave
Complete a run as a Slave 170
The Samurai
Complete a run as a Samurai 170
The Pyromancer
Complete a run as a Pyromancer 170
The Mercenary
Complete a run as a Mercenary 170
The Hunter
Complete a run as a Hunter 170
The Deprived
Complete a run as a Deprived 170
The Bandit
Complete a run as a Bandit 170
Stun a single target more than 5 times in a fight 170
Stop Right There
Immobilize a single target more than 3 times in a fight 170
Seen Them All
Encounter every type of enemy 170
Royal Arena
Conquer the Royal Arena 170
Rest is for the Weary
Receive more than 25 Fatigue in a fight 170
Power Overwhelming
Gain more than 25 Strength in a fight 170
No Stone Untouched
Throw a rock more than 5 times in a fight 170
Mow Them Down
Kill 6 enemies in a single turn 170
Live to Fight Another Day
Win a fight with 1 HP left 170
Unlock all item slots 170
In a Hurry
Complete a run under 40 minutes 170
I Don't Wear Accessories
Complete a run without equipping any accessories 170
I Can't Stop!!
Play more than 16 cards in a single turn 170
Hungry for Gold
Possess more than 2000 gold 170
How Did We Get Here?
Have more than 5 different Statuses in your deck 170
Complete a run in Hardcore Mode 170
Faster! Faster!
Perform a 12 hit combo 170
Don't Talk to Me
Gain more than 100 Focus in a fight 170
Did Something Hit Me?
Gain more than 200 Block in a fight 170
Demon of the Arena
Defeat the Demon of the Arena 170
Cursed Run
Complete a run with at least one cursed weapon equipped 170
Champion You Say?
Defeat a champion in 3 turns 170
Card Collector
Unlock all cards 170
Can't Touch This
Defeat a champion without taking any damage 170
Burn Like the Sun
Stack more than 200 Burn on a single target 170
Alina of the Arena
Unlock all the other trophies 170
Unlock all accessory slots 170
Triple Kill
Kill 3 enemies in a single attack 164
Slave Arena
Conquer the Slave Arena 164

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