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All Games -> Yakuza Kiwami
SteamGame Info

Yakuza Kiwami

“Kiwami” means extreme. 1995, Kamurocho… Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, takes the fall for the murder of a crime boss to protect his sworn brother, Akira Nishikiyama, and his childhood friend, Yumi. 2005… Akira Nishikiyama has become a changed man. Yumi is nowhere to be found. Ten billion yen has gone missing from the Tojo Clan's coffers, putting the organization on the brink of civil war. And Kazuma Kiryu is released from prison to a world he no longer recognizes. With enhanced gameplay, an expanded cinematic story, the return of the battle styles from Yakuza 0, more nightlife spots, and re-recorded audio by the series cast, Yakuza Kiwami is the ultimate and most “extreme” version of the original vision of the series, now optimised for PC with 4K resolutions, uncapped framerates, customisable controls and ultra-widescreen support.
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Player Rankings: Merged , PSN , Steam
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 43 301STM 63 637
Number of Owners: PSN 737STM 2 149
Number of Players: PSN 679STM 392
Completists: PSN 34 (4.61%)STM 37 (1.72%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 55STM 55
Average Achievement Value: PSN 787.29STM 1157.04

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Achievements (55)

Available achievements
5c80ed363d84007c483cde17dc9d65dfe0a528e5 KIWAMI
Obtain all other achievements. 1886
D52c5bc186860e14c2e17de9f55c54c3804658d9 Death By Climax
Completed all of the Climax Battles. 1871
9801ecfe2cb9dcc3875ac41ffb6b1b8642dd3c37 Perfectionist
Completed 100% of the Completion List. 1857
1827d2e8d584c0910d9a3218b0ed2ee52f6d20f3 Dragon of Legend
Completed the game in Legend Mode. 1850
C22a3f9d9459667de4664f5d3390e10b6bdde63b Mister Master
Obtained EX Rank on Haruka's Requests. 1821
9a8d0951189a24ae7a41c8ae9368ad8f382e4c34 What a Player
Played all minigames. 1680
1d4a061534773b3611800148be6a63c2e7188f75 Story of My Life
Completed all substories. 1674
46192fa0b81585a838dcacc1bcf8a72f06a20810 Amon Defeated
Defeated Amon. 1667
2deb28f3c681913c220de78e49ca85545e79b6c9 Hand In Hand
Walked 1km during Premium Adventure while holding Haruka's hand. 1653
0b34fd2f826ae4132384432a138204c22cd060d3 The Dragon of Dojima Returns!
Upgraded all Majima Everywhere abilities. 1592
79adad76cb2a4a9096fa839097fa78efa849ae82 Sexy Ron
Enjoyed mahjong with a hostess. 1592
9036b0dac8e6d4ba79e0f4480586a0430f392a0b The Strongest Fighter
Won all tournaments in the underground coliseum. 1539
5b5af037b9c3e36f408ef6de3c7d4e2219c6d0f8 Throne of the MesuKing!
Won against all rivals in MesuKing. 1513
D9cfe5c197c07f6c3c8d683e3175ff0719fdb45c An Answer Owed
Completed "Wife of a Yakuza." 1513
23963961daf452159fbab4eaa79ae185fe9c191c She's Worth It?
Completed "Man On a Ledge." 1480
5980a05d906b71209c686363716f56acd82f6eb3 Majima From Above
Assaulted by Majima from above. 1448
3559c47ec5ece428b4ac4ef58c049e1f09a1a9cd A Bad Business
Completed "The Fake Mizuki's Truth." 1448
61af5d6e7ff9239db820e66b7490dbe9b4b362f1 Komaki Style Master
Completed all training for Komaki Style. 1416
5a633f3ef7e8aee784d93e0bd74575b721935612 Yui the Hostess
Spent a steamy moment with Yui. 1404
21c8e7f75b1dd62ba71f8ba67227b069f088f410 Rina the Hostess
Spent a steamy moment with Rina. 1391
1b8322bd5d0168e7a747fa083593d8d06cfbf5e6 Sonic Right Hook
Completed "Bet On A Champ." 1335
0f4d8fbcdacae904826bf379b19de743b54b388c Are Ya Havin' Fun Yet?
The Mad Dog of Shimano forced his way into a fight. 1335
05c85884e2804364d0f75d20ae6a0591355d238b The Dragon of Pocket Circuit Reborn!
Won all Pocket Circuit races. 1287
8764453a9af851ce2a50142003c041f5cdd25fe9 Can I Call You?
Successfully asked a hostess out on a date. 1275
849592cff29ee66340b272b3588d60abf0706a35 Master of Body and Soul
Obtained all Soul, Technique, and Body abilities. 1215
C1a778ef4b62721d21a199dedceaef86cb3fd95f Majima From Below
Assaulted by Majima from a manhole. 1192
Bfd891cb8c87e9f60fadd0aad834a53b01ada015 Half the Battle
Completed 50% of the Completion List. 1181
769bafb7e44ff7bd158d6a6957881442a85e78ca Break it Down!
Breaker Majima forced his way into a fight. 1181
D7c201a7e62a89733df8507bd196b69a122781be Swing For the Fences!
Slugger Majima forced his way into a fight. 1141
90902c20d2b22e7fecd345434ab91b93b7bc7af7 Kidney Stones
Completed "A Doctor's Duty." 1135
Ca26654d5fcb1bb3423807b381805b3b18bea10b Goromi the Hostess
Met the mysterious lady, Goromi. 1135
E8c583270f9a283987823847b23f4951ad0b226f That's a Man!
Completed "My Baby's a Showgirl." 1035
51cc2b1cdbe2068a2f87144f4818bbf6b4ecf62b Let's Fight!
Thug Majima forced his way into a fight. 1024
Faa041efc1f7df7a6d7c1196a377faf071b6ba52 It's Not Over Yet!
Reached Rank B in Majima Everywhere. 1019
Fd64f77bba4c7b3e6f8cbe93f39b259171e3509e Hero of the Story
Completed 30 substories. 977
3f06e50dec1b63727a9ef8570c0dd2c202236326 Majima of the End
Met Zombie Majima. 935
1d6c1ab772ad2d1d2bb0f3cc333c6ff326ce3db8 Thank You!
Completed the final chapter. 925
32574e34f79497a1f0bb9b6e1c10dff72a1a6f83 Legends Never Die
Completed chapter 12. 894
1d38010c9c6219591e285ae455713827ac18b704 Ashes to Ashes
Completed chapter 11. 889
7eaf179ef585b8029b2d445c3cbf6359928c7dde The Dragon Roars
Completed chapter 10. 864
A53716a47fa4dc2f4f5975b8afbe68bffaf4c4d4 Puppet Masters
Completed chapter 8. 854
8ce16666e6fd8f06c4872ecb550a489825a112c9 A Man's Conviction
Completed chapter 9. 850
Ad57164684af1936839a9521e275e0e2f98f8b63 The Dragon and the Koi
Completed chapter 7. 811
4306aab834e0c93b7a69be9fdf7cf2382fc7770e Sins of the Father
Completed chapter 6. 768
A347802dfa2339875f01104a7b57010440f30aa8 Tell Me a Story
Completed 10 substories. 727
B930082fa504c8f8adf2e4ff21cb4e8419730b09 The Price of Life
Completed chapter 5. 718
5b2059aa37899f2d621e05443c3b00a259e71984 You'll Only Get Burned
Completed "The Price of an F-Cup." 682
6dc723fc48370a930b07e682957441be704ca757 Mother and Child
Completed chapter 4. 647
2eab6d1f6abc2b258fff32f5f7d1461b46460e97 Majima On the Beat
Met Officer Majima. 593
Fea8f12658f95bb9d28999cbfb8accefc4edff6e Kiryu-chan!
Got chased by Majima. 552

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