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All Games -> Farm Together
SteamGame Info

Farm Together

The ultimate farming experience! From the creators of Avatar Farm comes Farm Together, the ultimate farming experience! Start from scratch, with a small plot, and end with a huge farm that extends further than the eye can see! Grow your farm Grow crops, plant trees, take care of the animals, and much more! Spend your hard-earned money in new buildings and facilities for your farm! Earn experience to unlock hundreds of new items! Hop onto your tractor and speed up the tasks, but watch out or you'll run out of gas! Chill out Stay for as long as you want! In Farm Together time advances even if you're not online, so you can be sure you'll have something to do when you come back later. Manage your farm all by yourself, allow entrance only to your friends, or open it to the public and start cultivating together! A simple permission system allows you to limit what strangers can do, so they can help with it without risks of vandalizing. Customize your farm and your looks You'll have plenty of customization items at your disposal: Fences, roads, buildings, decorations... Show your gardening and decoration skills to your neighbours! And don't forget about your clothes! Customize your avatar and your tractor to your liking, and go visit your friends' farms! Take your pet anywhere Are you a cat person or a dog person? No problem, we got you covered! Your loyal friend will always be there to show you some love! Customize its looks however you like and have fun with it! Build your own house Want a change of pace? No problem! Just enter your house and relax! Decorate the house interior however you like, and spend some time cooking some recipes, painting, or even composing music!
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Player Rankings: Merged , Steam , Xbox Live
Current Game Meta Value: STM 19 187XBL 10 791
Number of Owners: STM 167XBL 33
Number of Players: STM 129XBL 33
Completists: STM 17 (10.18%)XBL(27.27%)
Number of Achievements: STM 56XBL 56
Average Achievement Value: STM 342.62XBL 192.70

Social Interaction:

Xbox Live
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Achievements (56)

Available achievements
D8a26d0b2a251b58206e4e2324b0378c9ee42b56 Fortune favors the bold
Find 100 Gold Nuggets 992
6a942c652ca7cdce62274253b430fa33e4fe02c4 Jack of all trades, master of none
Raise 20 items to level 30 941
8d9b1430ece2f13afc6df202226317e656929e1f It's a small world!
Unlock all your farm expansions 941
18b14d23ff1a82812963c333337e62eb91de35bf It ain't over till the fat lady sings
Upgrade an improvement building to level 10 or more 941
051165efa53a29483c1e83db3cbe87df706abd35 Birds of a feather flock together
Build the Farmhands Union 916
5fc1ca46e055010cf2c3d089309f334b98fcc66c As you sow, so shall you reap
Plow a total of 50,000 tiles 916
1bb0a49e799f62c767c1d87c86bc09e7ddc36502 A penny saved is a penny earned
Reach 20,000 of total storage capacity 916
160d09ce6befde49d4cefc550f4f6ac3b4f112a9 Finish all tasks of a Seasonal event
Finish all tasks of a Seasonal event 843
23e7fe34bd088c1046517d21b3bb8c41e642ae9f He that blames would buy
Earn a total of 500 medals on your farm 707
Afab02ed6691a72c51cf20c01497c3c41e30667a Don't bite the hand that feeds you
Build a Farmhand 707
90e3b7f146cd3d91c292849f4e519e419419e097 Man's Best Friend
Whistle at your pet 664
B3b95e85d55e48e05d26c3ec803de508c578e707 All that glitters is not gold
Earn a total of 50,000 diamonds on your farm 622
1fe132cc3901dc590b5d0b9134db7d543dc3ddca Slow and steady wins the race
Harvest a flower that takes 3 days or more to grow 602
D056232dddefaac1da704b887e805b5abbaa7686 No man is an island
When visiting a farm, sign a guestbook 602
B0622257c152d6692f28f130b94431c3a2c1dfb2 Steady and slow wins the race
Use your tractor on 100,000 tiles 543
Bc215344da533c6068e9e6976911980f59f02a6c Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Build a total of 1,000 Decorations, Roads or Fences 469
Bf6c64785038bc51afd8d69fde931b90d9dc162b Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
Build a field with 100 tiles of chickens or ducks 434
2fd4670b65f1af11d349fe955ee293cdb2a2b442 You are what you own
Reach Level 40 in your farm 322
389d9b4db7fbaf2edaf284e8d67e4cee55a3b748 Rome wasn't built in a day
Place 25 decorations inside houses 308
B392047c426737c15b3dc9f930a51aa977b29243 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Walk a total of 210,975m, equal to 5 Marathons 293
403ab4bd8867ff482716bae277bdb56db74c555a Three's a crowd
Join 3 different types of animal in a single plot 265
4ab903656736cc5f3fe191ed8c4827c42b9d6684 Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves
Earn a total of 10,000,000 coins on your farm 239
14aefbe92ac36ee9ababd2974ef1d24972afa497 All roads lead to Rome
Build a Point of Interest 239
3105569530c64da8a3679701bcba7d12cf861ab3 Half a loaf is better than none
Complete a Job 226
0536e227123092cdadca031b6ac8899100c44679 Don't shoot the messenger
Build a Decoration Sign 215
670969553989f0b53234053d2e8a1af2f759d097 Many hands make light work
Fill your visit farm boost meter 209
78f71d17242f25ac89ac6b30541afb9ae811df52 Every cloud has a silver lining
Reach Level 20 in your farm 177
73e5573845ee0b292dbdcd9b3fc6b65950d56e2b If you leave your place, you lose it
Interact with a decoration that has a special emote 168
3f4ffbbdb2ffd97f5b7d22e65e6b6d4a7abdbe03 Never too late to do well
Load a farm a month after it was created 165
66c91e98404ab2fe42ca3f4bd41fdfdeca7c1e29 When in Rome, do as the Romans
Enter a house 160
F438b001904f4ce0668c7916ad28219363d40068 Actions speak louder than words
Complete 10 quests in your farm 157
1b61ba34c960b04a703bcce634282114265b5fc7 A picture is worth a thousand words
Open the Photo Mode 154
8324219470d96b7250d44d3114ee8190d4b546e4 All things are easy that are done willingly
Get a Crop to Level 10 in your farm 130
E4bca4d8ad7a582537076c23948d6e98b539202c A friend in need is a friend indeed
Join another player's farm 127
Ede7f998d3e032c0777efa7a78cd5922f97649fc Practice makes perfect
Reach Player Level 10 125
38684ab33fbf1ab0f214749f4ed55d7c2603373b Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day...
Fish from 15 tiles of pond at the same time 122
D5c64e3b9a713a763aa60583840a33f42fc9c895 Every Rose has it's thorn
Plant your first flower 110
793533f4b1d4eccb0f9d6278655c90c9bf194ca1 The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence
Unlock your first farm expansion 107
21f1ac0e97a3a712417ae6f69ebcde775476ef68 Never look a gift horse in the mouth
Buy your first animal 101
04cab7315cd2fc74254c6689f7b5c3e496d7ee5c The trees don't let you see the forest
Get a Tree to Level 10 in your farm 95
8c6e0b26493626f48d8964eec82b510c144b4aa4 Don't put the cart before the horse
Build a Fuel Pump or a Gas Station 95
E1fef789e602a462750161f6a040062a20962511 An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Plant your first tree 92
4b5720be6b9dcd2edb7aa297aabd88fc8d822e8d There's always more fish in the sea
Place your first fish pond 90
E8d2925cc31c523c96c4c211d2bd05df8a3a78fc Different strokes for different folks
Customize your Tractor 90

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