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DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is a Free-to-Play, massive multiplayer online action game set in the popular DC Universe. Become one of a new breed of Heroes or Villains and wield incredible powers as you go to war with legendary characters such as Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and The Joker. All Episodes are now free for all players! key Features Fast-paced action combat where you control every blow your character strikes. Choose your side – Hero or Villain – and customize your character on its path to becoming a legend in the DC Universe. Fight alongside and against your favorite DC characters including Batman, The Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and many more. Embark on story-driven adventures penned by famous DC Comics writers including Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman. Explore the DC Universe; walk the darkened streets of Gotham City, investigate the mysteries of the futuristic cityscape of Metropolis, and travel to legendary locations such as Arkham Asylum and the Watchtower.
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Merged Platform Ranking:
Platforms STM PS3 XB1
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 480 081 278 625 14 499
Number of Owners: 1 773 662 469
Number of Players: 731 142 283
Completists: 10 7 37
Completists %: 0.56% 1.06% 7.89%
Number of Achievements: 199 123 13
Average Achievement Value: 2 412.47 2 265.24 1 115.31

Social Interaction:

Xbox One/Xbox X|S
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Achievements (199)

Available achievements
No Drain No Pain
Meta-Therapy Clinic Alert (Elite): Defeat Parasite after successfully boosting Static with the Static Charge each opportunity to do so 2956
Abandoned Subway Duo (Normal or Elite): While fighting Turtledove or DaBoom, defeat 80 Metabreed Bang Babies 2956
Absorbing Nightmares
The Terrorium Raid (Normal): Defeat DeSaad without allowing any Nightmare Voids to explode 2956
Unchained Lightning (Normal)
Defeat Black Alice without chaining Chain Lightning to anyone in SoBA: Rock of Eternity (Normal) 2890
Lava Champ (Normal)
Defeat Neron without anyone being burned by lava in SoBA: Neron's Underworld (Normal) 2890
Isis Crisis
Complete these feats in Godseye Pyramid Alert: Monstrosity Mash Pt. I, Monstrosity Mash Pt. II, Orbs Absorbed, Isis Empowered 2890
Defeat Blackfire without any player getting hit by the Omniblast in the Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower Alert 2880
Perpetual Relief (Elite or Elite Plus)
Complete The Source Wall Raid without any players being hit by Planet Strike, Source Energy Burst, or Divine Source Eyebeam (Elite or Elite Plus) 2822
Runnin' from the Devil
Defeat Brimstone without taking damage from Eruption in New Apokolips Duo (Normal, Elite) 2813
Spore Busters
Defeat Devastotor after players have absorbed 10 Spore Clouds in the Return to Earth 3 Alert 2805
Let's Block It Out
Defeat the World Forger without any players failing to block the Energy of Creation from his anvil in The Sixth Dimension (Normal or Elite) Raid 2781
Construct Combustion
Defeat Ultraviolet Sinestro without taking any damage from his Ultraviolet Construct's Explosions in the Umbrax the Ultraviolet Duo (Normal or Elite) 2773
League Hall of Hard Knocks: The One Who Waits: Batman Who Laughs
Defeat the Batman Who Laughs without using a consumable or Supercharge ability in The One Who Waits (Normal or Elite) Alert 2765
Temple Runner
During the World of Flashpoint: The Royal War (Normal), defeat the guards at the Temple Entrance in 26 seconds or less 2715
Better Together, Again
During the World of Flashpoint: Flashtastic Voyage (Normal or Elite) Raid, defeat the final bosses within 10 seconds of each other 2715
Kid Flash Forward
Complete the World of Flashpoint: Flash to the Future (Normal) Raid in 9 minutes or less 2698
In the Convergence of Unmaking Raid (Normal or Elite), complete the Eye of Ekron fight without any group members taking damage from Emerald Empress' Emerald Plasma 2690
Hard Headed
In Legion: HQ Orientation Alert (Normal) do not remove any of Evil Cosmic Boy's protective Shields 2666
Rainbow Spackling
Complete the following feats in the Temples of Source Power Solos: Brick by Green Brick, Brick by Blue Brick, Brick by Yellow Brick, and Brick by Red Brick. 2658
I'm Not Glue
During Wonderverse: Crypt of Penthesilea (Normal), defeat Queen Diana without anyone having an attack reflected by her Bracer Deflection. 2650
Smoldering Survivors
During the BoP: Fire & Brimstone (Elite) Raid, defeat the first boss without anyone having been KOed with the Smoldering Grasping Hand debuff active in a single run of the fight 2634
Hard No-Core
During Birds of Prey: Volcano Mining Facility (Normal), in the Lex Luthor fight, defeat Lex Luthor without using the power cores from his fallen warsuits. 2618
Leader of the Pack
During the JLD: Darkness Rising (Event or Normal) Alert, defeat 151 werewolves in the European Castle. 2610
Half Cracked
In the JLD: Shattered Gotham Raid (Normal), reach 50% Madness during the Tala fight and remain above 50% Madness for the rest of the instance. 2610
Mental Mettle
Complete the following Metal Pt. II: Batscape Duo feats: Mental Guard Part 1, Mental Guard Part 2, Let Your Guard Down, Dark Knightmares, Inner Demon Slayer, Barbat-Toss, and Apparition Abolition 2609
A Fate Worse Than Death
Defeat Lady Blackhawk in Metal Pt. II: The Phoenix Cannon (Normal or Elite) Raid, without knocking out Lieutenant Thrasher 2609
The Forgemaster Commeth
During the Into the Dark Multiverse (Normal or Elite) Raid, have no one in the group get knocked out during the fight with Forgemaster Hawkman. 2601
Save Your Bacon
Defeat Lobo in the LexCorp Tower (Normal) Solo without taking damage from his Spacehog. 2601
Mirror, Mirror
During the Metal Pt. II: Damage Control (Normal) Alert, in a single run, successfully complete the mirror configuration to blind the Drowned twice. 2601
Merciful Minerva!
During the False Idols (Normal or Elite) Raid, let Wonder Woman destroy the Drachma with the Sunblade without being interrupted by Amazons or the Merciless. 2601
Don't Stand So Close
Defeat Reprogrammed Oracle-Bot in BoP: The Clock Tower (Normal or Elite) without triggering Exostatic by being too close to another player of the opposite polarity. 2601
(Sea) Beast Mode
During the Atlantis: The Throne (Elite) Raid, defeat Sea Beast without anyone in the group being picked up and chewed on by the Sea Beast during one attempt at the fight. 2594
On the Nose
During the Atlantis: Crown of Thorns (Elite) Raid, prevent King Shark from using his Feeding Frenzy on your group mates throughout the encounter. 2594
During the Titans: The Machine Raid (Normal or Elite), defeat 45 Dive Bombers in one run. 2594
Book by its Cover
During the JLD: Fellowship of Arcane Light (Event, Normal or Elite) Raid, locate the books: Ebontome (Abridged), Magic for Dum-Dums, Adventures of Alley-Kat-Abra, "Sleight of Hand : dnaH fo thgielS" by Giovanni Zatara, Seances: Beyond the Veil, A History of the Starheart, Cei-U and Other Magic Words, Sargon the Sorcerer's Autobiography, and To Eternity and Beyond. 2594
If a Tree Falls
During the Atlantis: Silent School (Normal) Alert, in the first boss fight, all Thorn Magi must be hit at least once by the Thorn Golem's Timber attack. 2586
Crows Barred
During the Monsters of Metal (Normal or Elite) Raid, win the final boss fight only after first defeating at least 13 Dark Robins during that fight. 2586
Temple Throwdown
During the Atlantean Temple portion of the Story Mission (Normal), in a single run, defeat at least 30 enemies that emerge from the moonpools. 2578
Breath Saver
During the Spindrift Raid, drain the flooded room without letting your teammates run out of oxygen. 2562
Justice Served, Suddenly
During Earth 3: The Escape (Normal or Elite) Raid, defeat the Final Bosses all within 12 seconds of each other. 2554
Disco Dance Off
During the Titans: H.I.V.E. Base (Normal and Elite), all members must avoid taking any damage from the floor traps. 2554
Ultimate Victory
Defeat the Ultimate Soldier in his different states to claim and Ultimate Victory 2538
Time Master
Complete these feats from the Justice For All Raid: Time Out, Out of Time, and One Out of Time, One at a Time 2538
Monkey See Monkey Do
During the Saving Justice Alert, while fighting Ultra-Humanite, complete the boss battle once while never allowing the JSA to be harmed. Then complete the boss battle again while allowing the JSA to be hurt at least twice, but not three times. 2538
Fire Safety Test... It Works
During Earth 3: The Visitor (Normal) Duo, in Lex's Office, defeat Alexander Luthor once without getting frozen by the Freezing Trap and once again by being frozen at least one time. 2538
Bobbing for Golden Apples
During the Olympus Elite Raid, only defeat Zeus after the group eats at least 13 Golden Apples on that attempt 2538
No Eggsit
During the God of Monsters raid (Non-Elite), defeat Typhon without causing any extra monster eggs to hatch 2531
Omega 13
During the Darkseid's War Factory (Non-Elite) Raid, defeat Darkseid after group members have fallen to Darkseid's Omega Beams exactly thirteen times 2530
Dreamland Defender
Complete these feats from the Time-Torn Area 51: Knocking on Death's Door, In the Nick of Time, Paradox Punisher, and The Times They Are A-Changin' 2530
No More No Less
During the Bombshell Paradox operation, defeat the Tenebrae Assassins that accompany The Lady al Ghul exactly 9 times before defeating her on the first attempt 2515

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