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All Games -> Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy / 逆転裁判123 成歩堂セレクション
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

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Player Rankings: Merged , PSN , Steam , Xbox Live
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 8 569STM 22 887XBL 7 064
Number of Owners: PSN 69STM 212XBL 22
Number of Players: PSN 68STM 129XBL 22
Completists: PSN 19 (27.54%)STM 15 (7.08%)XBL(13.64%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 31STM 30XBL 30
Average Achievement Value: PSN 276.42STM 762.90XBL 235.47

Social Interaction:

Xbox Live
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Achievements (31)

Available achievements
4a743d6bc18b0c60965a75a801ef4996b2d9be1d Jean's Foreign Language Course
Learn all of Armstrong's fancy foreign words. (T&T, Ep. 3) 359
B69aeeeab4dbd74566aa8178cdcd6e07f678f1f9 I Hate Childhood Friends
As Edgeworth, hear all of his and Larry's childhood tales. (T&T, Ep. 5) 359
Fd545d55f1b0ceb0170de5efd4c30d268be8a6a0 Ace Attorney Trilogy
Get every trophy. 359
3c2c40d5d4a6eb5daab71d93508731e4038cd4ad Violetta's Home-Made Donuts
Get a donut offered to Phoenix by Viola. (T&T, Ep. 3) 346
0657a8d4517ba510bff02f898118684b6647d41b Ladders Vs. Step-Ladders
Get every ladder vs. step-ladder conversation in PW: AA Trilogy. 346
893d3a36fed12e2e08c19cc5228b5b6644e7f723 A Lawyer Only Cries Once It's All Over
Clear all of PW: AA Trilogy. 346
1945132a0b7ca6a397ebd7d6d326a9b6c36bd842 Turnabout Beginnings
Clear Ep. 4 of PW: AA - T&T. 332
Ec6ac378251d5161dd4313f429e7601ec28224eb Recipe for Turnabout
Clear Ep. 3 of PW: AA - T&T. 332
9fe20001e173e1ac8d94b57c2bc7235460e374b8 Bridge to the Turnabout
Clear Ep. 5 of PW: AA - T&T. 332
5904fb51d1f1b11790d639857e38c8ff2fc9b65e Justice Ill Served
Get the bad ending in PW: AA - Justice For All. (JFA, Ep. 4) 319
2b1e687d40c3081875bee45eb821239f3ab3f69d Judge Wackner
Press Oldbag's claim that "it was the Nickel Samurai that I saw!" (JFA, Ep. 4) 319
66899391eb2aaaa4de47e0590b9035b7c6713dcd Farewell, My Turnabout
Clear Ep. 4 of PW: AA - JFA. 319
Ef237ac8908ffeafb4c20bfa0ac7f01ae286d31f Turnabout Big Top
Clear Ep. 3 of PW: AA - JFA. 307
7759b808ddba4f4ffe5b757c33106488bb81c04a The Stolen Turnabout
Clear Ep. 2 of PW: AA - T&T. 307
Ffe662c87f1ac87e86630e29af64501ef310da9b Smells Like Oldbag
Examine everything with even a whiff of Oldbag on it. (T&T, Ep. 2) 307
86925fc18a59cfda52b0b7896f79851426dac2fc Naruhodo A. Wrighto
Present Max's profile to Maya. (JFA, Ep. 3) 307
Cbb37dc6c55d744f23f839d13a26dfdb4e654a41 Lunchbox Specialist
Check out every lunchbox Angel Starr has to offer. (PW: AA, Ep. 5) 307
Bd2799dbd54b2dcfd224ad916916b2c3e855c639 Turnabout Memories
Clear Ep. 1 of PW: AA - T&T. 294
6bf3d49eacdc47c26c38a4e0ca6f6a8df75c13bc Reunion, and Turnabout
Clear Ep. 2 of PW: AA - JFA. 282
C8a8cc1392e0030120a87a92f86cbaa3ba894ab7 Beware, Your Honor!
Press Dahlia's claim that "Feenie pushed him twice." (T&T, Ep. 1) 282
3adedc934c6c4a74012283f06ad4a2cbd55ef59d Um, Lotta Hair, Was It?
Reply with "Lotta Hair" when talking to Lotta. (JFA, Ep. 2) 270
A36b4ade55581085fa6f31b5d8d602fedc1c4f31 The Lost Turnabout
Clear Ep. 1 of PW: AA - JFA. 270
B0b6ff528839ce3efc3d07d51edd5ebda433e0e5 Rise from the Ashes
Clear Ep. 5 of PW: AA. 270
Abc1a21eadcbe234c124ee3a5d2caf937a4e867b Mind Your Own Business, Pal!
Press Gumshoe about "they were even talking about marriage." (JFA, Ep. 1) 270
B341d0509150bd61996649943a8fc1eb4b9de308 Secret Weapons Three
Borrow all of Gumshoe's secret weapons. (PW: AA, Ep. 4) 213
A8bdc76786bea9d1065c7328c7b760b8882c1208 Turnabout Goodbyes
Clear Ep. 4 of PW: AA. 193
Ea22294516d56a8ce54da29fc01e3bc291e5fc50 Turnabout Samurai
Clear Ep. 3 of PW: AA. 154
55f1bfbdf5be01b5ce4779b82108b3b473c7f206 Turnabout Sisters
Clear Ep. 2 of PW: AA. 136
283be863cb35275c9557138cf57fa80034aadb62 Please Turn In Your Badge
Answer "Mia Fey" when asked who the defendant is. (PW: AA, Ep. 1) 134
61969586c28ab13ea2dbefa9ac3e96b23f423e8c The First Turnabout
Clear Ep. 1 of PW: AA. 102
8809badddbd7e65381746f4722b396d5d7d43e6e First Steps
Start playing PW: AA Trilogy. 96

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