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All Games -> Aces of Multiverse
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Aces of Multiverse

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 2 857
Number of Owners: PSN 3
Number of Players: PSN 2
Completists: PSN(0%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 21
Average Achievement Value: PSN 136.05

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (21)

Available achievements
5527b62c6a899d53be75b82546086951ce46782d Silver Veteran Trophy
Play 50 matches 148
6f4c379839981527e05f431dd54b80e653df58a6 Primal Universe Champion
Win Story mode with any race 148
D082a881d9197dba3a5914f63b7360d2592dbbda Multiverse Passive Aggressive
Win a match with ball posession time below 30% 148
8ed5df9a7e3a025da5a4b9a6b04c27a98fc6836d Multiverse Boss
Defeat all the One vs AI teams 148
199e077d058bac8a79281a19f90bfa9b1eee8f4d Multiversal Collector Badge
Collect 10 cards in a single day 148
8bc5b423b44ed4a883696c5d38e2f24e32d3b09a Golden Veteran Trophy
Play 100 matches 148
4ef437b7a1f67985515cd58d0d76ae9b109eecf8 Golden Tie Award
Draw a match with 0-0 score 148
B15555aefd70ba3c927b0be8acf155cf0799a652 Goal Fighter Cup
Score 10 or more goals in a single match 148
C720c6faa47d2faa9e55b3d9f6b0d94b6ad2fd30 Bronze Tentacle
Win the Story mode with mutants 148
920b75e7225b46a9a2b8195dc06dff31ddb5c709 Bronze Screw
Win the Story mode with robots 148
D0b42223256da89bb7a6df07398b7f786dff280d Bronze Claw
Win the Story mode with Osonautas 148
33d12b6156a0bbff5094866e01c3a42bd5592661 Ace Keeper Trophy
Get ball posession time over 80% 148
7f393264a904fbdb5a93392ced500b4723197778 Bronze Seppuku Award
Score in your own goal 145
8c3f921f0ba21bc3578e0cbb5a9e998cbf78647b Scoring Ace Cup
Score 20 or more goals in a single match 117
81fe3c29838d4f3df8675f153dbc06613aba79f4 Multiversal Admiral Badge
Collect all character cards 117
B12cf322280d08a4d55fce4e6a2f3e0326665e5c Full Vault Cup
Collect all equipment cards 117
20950ceaef4614963d3d0ff7be62d15e2b328c99 Full Secret Vault Cup
Collect all experimental equipment cards 117
44239f0c40f6c76306c94d40973e3e0ac88d004f Bizarre Admiral Badge
Collect all ultrarare cards 117
8ba55721fd10e0534f907fc2fccd277b41605aba Ace of the Multiverse
Win all trophies 117
1bac66e072e2d5a925fb889c08da0b22b3530453 Ace of the Aces
Collect all Aces cards 117
027e37b966ce9514ba09f5e818cbedaffc862a58 Ace Master Award
Play an Ace special ability at least three times 117

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