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RetroAchievements.orgGame Info
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Player Rankings: RetroAch
Current Game Meta Value: R.A 5 824
Number of Owners: R.A 9
Number of Players: R.A 9
Completists: R.A(33.33%)
Number of Achievements: R.A 33
Average Achievement Value: R.A 176.48

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (33)

Available achievements
108296_lock You're a Wiz!
Clear stages 66 - 70 in Quest. 182
108312_lock Rock-Type Lover
Clear stage 28 in Quest without breaking any rock. 182
108315_lock Pow Addiction
Obtain a bonus for getting a Poke Ball into a hole with a Power Shot 25 times in a row. 182
108299_lock Myth
Clear stages 61 - 65 in Quest. 182
108298_lock Master II
Clear stages 46 - 50 in Quest. 182
108301_lock Master I
Clear stages 41 - 45 in Quest. 182
108297_lock Legend II
Clear stages 56 - 60 in Quest. 182
108300_lock Legend I
Clear stages 51 - 55 in Quest. 182
108317_lock Guess What? Don't Drop the Ball
Clear stage 58 in Quest without sending the ball out. (No Clefairy) 182
108537_lock Faster Than Vital Throw
Clear Time Attack 5 in 0'14''90 or less. 182
108533_lock Faster Than Roar
Clear Time Attack 1 in 0'05''40 or less. 182
108535_lock Faster Than Revenge
Clear Time Attack 3 in 0'11''00 or less. 182
108539_lock Faster Than Quick Attack
Clear Time Attack 7 in 0'14''90 or less. 182
108540_lock Faster Than Protect
Clear Time Attack 8 in 0'13''10 or less. 182
108541_lock Faster Than Magic Coat
Clear Time Attack 9 in 0'13''10 or less. 182
108542_lock Faster Than Helping Hand
Clear Time Attack 10 in 0'28''50 or less. 182
108536_lock Faster Than Focus Punch
Clear Time Attack 4 in 0'06''40 or less. 182
108538_lock Faster Than Earthquake
Clear Time Attack 6 in 0'23''50 or less. 182
108534_lock Faster Than Counter
Clear Time Attack 2 in 0'08''80 or less. 182
108308_lock Expert II
Clear stages 36 - 40 in Quest. 182
108313_lock Do you Believe in Gravity?
Clear stage 37 in Quest without changing the gravity. (No Clefairy) 182
108317_lock Don't Drop the Ball Again
Clear stage 26 in Quest scoring more than 30 points without sending the ball out. 182
108316_lock Don't Drop the Ball
Clear stage 22 in Quest scoring more than 35 points without sending the ball out. 182
108314_lock Perfect Management
Clear a time based stage with 5 or more holes by pressing the C button as few times as possible. (No Clefairy) 173
108304_lock Intermediate II
Clear stages 16 - 20 in Quest. 173
108307_lock Expert I
Clear stages 31 - 35 in Quest. 173
108306_lock Advanced II
Clear stages 26 - 30 in Quest. 173
108305_lock Advanced I
Clear stages 21 - 25 in Quest. 173
108310_lock Time Attack Master
Clear all the stages in Time Attack mode. 164
108311_lock Score Attack Master
Clear all the stages in Score Attack mode. 164
108303_lock Intermediate I
Clear stages 11 - 15 in Quest. 155
108309_lock Beginner II
Clear stages 06 - 10 in Quest. 148
108302_lock Beginner I
Clear stages 01 - 05 in Quest. 142

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