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SteamGame Info


GAMEPLAY: Gib farm animals Dodge rockets Earn medals Unlock new levels Climb the leaderboards FEATURES: 8 levels + 1 tutorial Fearsome enemies like: Cow, Sheep and Chicken. Randomness kept to the minimum Easter eggs
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 4 194
Number of Owners: STM 8
Number of Players: STM 8
Completists: STM(12.5%)
Number of Achievements: STM 25
Average Achievement Value: STM 167.76

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (25)

Available achievements
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Too Good
25-0 vs SphereicalBot in DIABĂ–LIK 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Stefan defeated
Complete the Stefan bonus level 180
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Rocket Master
Gather all gold medals 180
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 9
Complete Level 9 180
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 8
Complete Level 8 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Kawaiiiii ^_^
Complete the secret puzzle level 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Hidden cows
Find all miniature cows 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Cow Protector
Protect Mark's cows 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Bulletcow!
Reach a score of 100k in the Bulletcow bonus level 180
27ec465be00ccf2c6cef49e07e431a2503ccba4a Big money
Pay $100k to open the golden door 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Basketball 2000
Complete the Basket bonus level 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Ballsplit
Complete Ballsplit bonus level 180
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Pink helicopter
Defeat the pink helicopter 171
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 7
Complete Level 7 171
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 Extreme Cownado
Kill the menu cow 171
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 6
Complete Level 6 162
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 5
Complete Level 5 153
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 4
Complete Level 4 153
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 1
Complete Level 1 153
41641e4f1bd4c034b696e3df9dca992dedb60465 WeebTrapper9000
Jebaited 151
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 3
Complete Level 3 151
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Gold Medal
Earn a gold medal 151
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Silver Medal
Earn a silver medal 149
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Level 2
Complete Level 2 149
0f620779b2a09d74fb4b0e52b0a28956e6b0af84 Bronze Medal
Earn a bronze medal 149

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