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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 1 264
Number of Owners: PSN 1
Number of Players: PSN 1
Completists: PSN(0%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 13
Average Achievement Value: PSN 97.23

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (13)

Available achievements
Adc9566df99853d1dddace45da0ca61cab0f15c9 This is Perfect!
Find Roo a new instrument. 118
3a33574f11531459621b281b536dbe55240448f1 Okay, Maybe One Obstacle
You should have seen it coming. 118
5b2618f232c0ace78698b7112e468d213e4bd752 Who's That?
Discover Euler. 91
7c06d1b3099a4b5eeb05509d2b976023c37ee380 What's the Point
Ruin something beautiful. 91
Bae41638f2fbbfb2c7b7841aa5fc455a7aa55575 We Have a Band!
Bring Quat, Roo, and Euler to the Main Stage. 91
Eda6a0a801c7a775257f4a0a0eb5f83e46a6532b Virtuoso
Complete all levels. 91
A430c3ed7d4e1c35ef5cf8c38163276fdb5774de Turnt Up
Get things started on the dance floor. 91
Db91732d68417a53b414d83fc2e080b3db57b43f The Big Time
Sign with a record label. 91
C4b9099e91e33d174a43b887c83907c554aca2d5 Thanks for Playing!
Complete the game. 91
9224ed4077ba6af0cc59784351e1f055f19a1cf5 No Machine Left Behind
They actually work well together. 91
F2cc1b3fca06ecb8ada8159bf67a86ea60f14401 Fate
Take matters into your own…hands? 91
B50e651a16ec0f025599ca9a9a305d9dd7e7c819 Don't Worry, They're Waterproof
Take the boat out for the day. 91

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