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All Games -> Azur Lane: Crosswave
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Azur Lane: Crosswave

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 4 420
Number of Owners: PSN 11
Number of Players: PSN 11
Completists: PSN(36.36%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 27
Average Achievement Value: PSN 163.70

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (27)

Available achievements
D88b7174355c22eaebfd23fe157e7fd26107046b The Azure You Obtained
You've completed Azur Lane: Crosswave! 180
25ac7c64ad70a08e142a1b2d7c39516ccf88b98b Collector of Paradise
You've completed the Gallery Mode! 180
2a5be58658061a5ebffe3e952607597a0da5fa5c Guardian of the Blue Route
You've repelled all rival fleets! 170
F5e9f6f88ec6e181a53bd7c7d0777f9c4e51b5ae "All, Have Assembled"
You've seen every character's Episodes! 170
Ma_0000_0 ???
Ma_0000_0 ???
737d01854f10b12d0e12c6a92b9be7aaf31d580e "We Also Have Discounts..."
You purchased goods from Shiranui! 165
E09671acbe449a67a85766fd7142f43a37a59bfd "There's Room For Improvement!"
You've acquired a very rare piece of equipment! 165
Cbc311c69ff951a3d90c943a77a8a82dedb852cf The One Who Sees All
You've viewed all events that can occur in Story Mode! 165
0fb7423c759895cacdd1a5eacd9f08a12faa6368 Final Chapter Complete
You've completed the Final Chapter's report!! 165
04251588110d12ad4298c7b410a79994a908fd9f Duty of the Home Port Watcher
You've viewed the ending of Story Mode! 165
755488682021a124e5f4ac1dbf636f2c3e1eb664 Chapter 6 Complete
You've completed Chapter 6's report! 165
58302e4855bde279ab37bde26eb725550b5ff98c Chapter 5 Complete
You've completed Chapter 5's report! 165
B5731071fc011776cdb9e2a564eac0973c2771db Chapter 4 Complete
You've completed Chapter 4's report! 165
2129ad05f741709f90df62b11fcc61add47c6f96 "Not as Good as Sis, But..."
You achieved victory with an excellent rank! 162
C839ec1e805a7756579de40d63e30bc25228ad58 Chapter 3 Complete
You've completed Chapter 3's report! 162
8725972c57689cc3a523116dd8c1745f8b976c98 Chapter 2 Complete
You've completed Chapter 2's report! 162
61e82f8cb485dc52f5b3b31ac11bd611de474858 "A Mighty Warrior!"
You've defeated countless enemies! 162
Abb85e4974188ea41aa67f252490873ba30d1f1b "Aim for 100 Points!"
Strengthened a Skill! 162
D1ffe5a61276c1b2de63015708f568a3358bd3c6 "You're Doing Well, Nya!"
You responded to Akashi's request! 160
6e5eb72c10c3256c9bc972bbdf7ed8a72fb26453 Taking Up the Post!
You've added a new ally! 160
49192ad05ccb2d02f1f9b6dc53a262bf05f36b9c Chapter 1 Complete
You've completed Chapter 1's report! 160
Cda3776ec53b8204bdc0f8d1b7d8cbe35f538303 I'll Work My Hardest
Brave new waters with your excellent Secretary Ship! 158
6db0bf130b10ec33324a4ebeb7904cd31fae8c5a The Greatest Results of Battle
You achieved victory with the highest rank! 156
0fa360faf4a195ad4308b0abcd50e1af9ac78782 Prologue Complete
Report: Recording Initialized. 156
D86596762ef80235b21c00b3b2f18235fe5fe9f9 "It's an Allowance from Home"
You completed a rigging change! 156
F8bf0201ed8b7b6916c1fc8485d3dceb6243ed4a Skinship is Necessary
You've just begun the fun with your Secretary Ship. 154

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