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All Games -> Project Starship
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Project Starship

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 2 356
Number of Owners: PSN 5
Number of Players: PSN 5
Completists: PSN(100%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 19
Average Achievement Value: PSN 124.00

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (19)

Available achievements
3bfe34ac09b58547c26c7941a9b9a821167af9f8 Ouch III
Lose 24 shields 124
948260404d531499343cdc9fc054d95ee597615f Ouch II
Lose 16 shields 124
74aee85cc2e7f43cfec246e2b2bcdaf9becf2d17 Ouch I
Lose 8 shields 124
38d691b547e410802e62264a9cf82bffd3c6837d Lovely little thing III
Collect 50 pickups 124
Ba9a15318bfe583674a5313adc8ae966fbb84db8 Lovely little thing II
Collect 25 pickups 124
1016f9b56855b0e726041f5420a16e08b6f3a48c Lovely little thing I
Collect 5 pickups 124
C57845a9e8ffe7ccda3e2e80fbf50b7cf8a99ba1 Know them all III
Kill 300 enemies 124
209d771378d72c90b955a218f77f82509004cffe Know them all II
Kill 100 enemies 124
59f0575844e3841b7aee4fa1a1697e1f3f5ff790 Know them all I
Kill 25 enemies 124
234c54a2fb6eb85572fd5ac9790c1de298a65120 I told ya
Unlock all other trophies 124
Dda134f8745071f93587edbe441dafd3afaaeb00 It asked for it III
Kill 4 bosses 124
A19ef753804f10e93993aceb6a22db2d43e5e5fc It asked for it II
Kill 2 bosses 124
87c4500c914a8590f3b98a4b7077167d07dd6d8b It asked for it I
Kill 1 boss 124
4e687456fc3a5589a5fba3aa0f57a17526c0c18f Go higher III
Beat highscore of 100,000 124
Ed759eda9a232fc246b6dba319dd4f9534b72d4e Go higher II
Beat highscore of 50,000 124
93f807790c519040bfaabd8409876221c4ddd3fb Go higher I
Beat highscore of 10,000 124
1c4e991600ef8b006b710233557375da23829fb1 Are you mad? III
Encounter 6 mad event 124
Cccb947c743208956315a2e51ce59a92806e5e5f Are you mad? II
Encounter 3 mad event 124
03311ec7fd9bd5498a4b8d550ef6eca7963b9bf5 Are you mad? I
Encounter 1 mad event 124

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